Gloria and Herb Barker
Gloria and Herb Barker

Gloria and Herb were some of SOIL’s first friends. Their support and kind words of encouragement has kept us going over the years and it’s not a stretch to say that SOIL might have closed the doors long ago if they hadn’t been there to cheer us up through the hard times.

Jennifer Benorden

Jennifer is a multi-disciplinary artist who is recently completed a short film about SOIL’s work in Haiti entitled, “Holy Crap!”. The film marvels at the simplicity of SOIL’s solutions for hunger, disease, and third-world impoverishment and will be released this year. Jennifer’s prior accomplishments include garnering 6 regional and national awards for her independently produced television show entitled, “4 Directions”, which experimented with analyzing and presenting broad issues of environmental and social justice using Shamanic principals. She has been known to show up at local open-mics for poetry and music, and once had a band called, “Said the Cat”. She currently resides in Oakland, CA.

Ethan Bodnaruk

Ethan is a Ph.D. Student in Ecological Engineering at SUNY-ESF focusing on urban forest ecosystem services and the transformation of wastes into resources. Broadly interested in subjects of science, spirituality, and ethics he has also spent nine months living at contemplative monasteries practicing meditation. Mr. Bodnaruk is currently writing a book on science, spirituality, and religion tentatively titled Beyond Religion: Science and Spirituality Aligned. It aims to synthesize the best of religion, atheism, and the interfaith movement while breaking down dogma in all its forms. He also blogs at Since visiting SOIL back in our early days in Cap-Haitien, Ethan has been a long-time SOIL supporter.

Molly Case

Molly worked at SOIL’s Port-au-Prince office from 2012 to 2013 after completing an economics thesis at Reed College examining sustainable financial models for small nonprofit organizations that included a case study of SOIL. After an amazing year with SOIL, Molly is spending some time traveling and continuing to learn about sustainable agriculture. She sincerely hopes to stay connected with SOIL, and to return to the PAP office soon!

Meagan Choi

Meagan is a typography enthusiast, an avid reader, and a designer who’s passionate about print. After graduating from Michigan State University in 2012, she moved to New York City to work in publishing. She discovered SOIL through a friend and was thrilled to take part in creating the organization’s first annual report.

Corinne Coe

Corinne received her B.S. in Geography with a minor in Plant Biology from Ohio University. She has a Permaculture Design Certificate from the Urban Permaculture Institute in San Francisco, California and has taught gardening and composting to children and adults for many years. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, raised in Atlanta, Georgia and New York City, she has also lived in rural Ohio, New Orleans, Louisiana, San Francisco, California and in the mountains of southern Oregon. Corinne is a writer, gardener and teacher and believes tout moun se moun, every person is a human being. After working with SOIL for over a year in Port-au-Prince, Corinne left our office running more smoothly than ever.

Stevens “Roosnel” Delicat

Roosnel received his diploma in civil engineering from the Facultée Des Sciences Appliquées (FDSA) in Port-au-Prince. Prior to joining SOIL in May 2010, Roosnel worked with the Haitian department of water and sanitation, Direction Nationale de l’Eau Potable et Assainissement (DINEPA) on constructing potable water systems. After witnessing the success of SOIL’s compost waste treatment systems, Roosnel says he plans to incorporate ecological sustainability concerns into all his future professional endeavors. He continues to work with SOIL from time to time as a consulting engineer.

Kelsey Eng

Kelsey is a freelance designer, illustrator and web developer. She is passionate about working with organizations to help further humanitarian goals. She is currently a student at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Kelsey designed SOIL’s most recent brochure with rave reviews. Check out Kelsey’s amazing skills at

Claire Frohman

Claire worked at SOIL’s North Haiti office after graduating from Vassar College, where she first became introduced to Haiti through a campus organization focused on development of the arts. Claire’s first 6 months working with SOIL were incredibly exciting, educational, and transformative to Claire’s understanding of how she wishes to engage in the world. Claire fell in love with SOIL – with the inspirational staff, with the honest and innovative philosophy, and with the integrity of SOIL’s practice within the very complicated world of foreign aid in Haiti. Though no longer working directly with SOIL, Claire is continuing to explore ecological sanitation and sustainable agricultural practices and to share these ideas with others. SOIL is never far from her heart and she hopes to maintain this connection and return to Haiti in the future.

Ingrid Henrys

Bio coming soon!

Anthony Kilbride

Anthony Kilbride, MEng., CEng., MICE, is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. After working as a Consultant Water and Wastewater Engineer to private sector clients in the UK, Eastern Europe and the Persian Gulf, Anthony started working in the field of humanitarian relief and development in 2007. Anthony has worked with emergency organisations such as MSF (Doctors without Borders) and ACF (Action Against Hunger) in Central Africa and the Sudan. Anthony came to Haiti with MSF after the January 12, 2010 earthquake and worked for SOIL from August 2010 until April 2011. Prior to working with SOIL, Anthony’s professional sanitation experience was in its watery form (sewage) and its most common emergency form (pit latrines). But since working in Haiti and having seen how SOIL’s dry urine-diversion toilets have succeeded where other technologies have failed, Anthony is an EcoSan convert, an engineer who believes in the benefits of ecological sanitation. Anthony currently works as a engineer consultant in Port-au-Prince.

Paul Christian Namphy

Paul Christian Namphy, B.S. Civ. Eng., is currently the Municipal Coordinator for DINEPA, Haiti’s Water and Sanitation Authority. Having returned to Port-au-Prince in the aftermath of the earthquake, he currently coordinates DINEPA’s Municipality Support Project (Projet d’Appui aux Mairies, PrAM), and the Municipal Coordination Mechanism (DINEPA, with support from the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene – WASH – Cluster.) The PrAM and MCM collect WASH data from Internally-Displaced Persons’ (IDP) camps, and, more and more, with vulnerable neighborhoods of metropolitan Port-au-Prince, identify the service gaps, and support city halls in conducting advocacy with partner organization, to cover the gaps. This decentralized coordination strategy has served as a model for camp coord./mgt. and shelter, and, since the advent of cholera, with health. The multicultural Mr. Namphy grew up both in Port-au-Prince and the San Francisco Bay area, has over ten years of professional experience in engineering and international cooperation consulting in Haiti and abroad, and possesses in-depth multilingual communication skills. Pre-earthquake, he coordinated a SOIL/Oxfam-GB sanitation partnership in Cap Haitian.

Gillian O’Bryan

Gillian came to Haiti for the first time with SOIL in 2009 as a student at the University of Miami. Through her work with SOIL Gillian has developed a strong love of Haiti and its people and has maintained a connection to the country. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health degree at the University of Washington through the Peace Corps Masters International program. Gillian will depart for Peace Corps Cameroon as a Public Health Coordinator in September, 2012 where she hopes to work on the implementation and evaluation of community-based health programs.

Erica Simon

In 2002, Erica began design work at a cooperative business in Portland, Oregon where she was employed as a Marketing Manager. The marketing message at this company focused on equitable business structure, sustainable/empowering food and economic and community systems, and ecological stewardship. When she moved to NYC in 2006, she reconfigured her efforts to freelance graphic design and website construction with a focus in branding. Since then, Erica has worked with clients ranging from small grassroots non-profits to large multi-national corporations. She is also developing a career as a jewelry designer through which she founded a program, titled ‘Diyite,’ in which she sells beaded seed necklaces produced in Milot, Haiti along with a semi-precious version inspired from the original. Proceeds from both are donated directly to SOIL. Erica is the design genius that we turn to for help with “the look” of SOIL’s outreach materials. Find Erica at

Shannon Smith

Shannon is an anthropology major at Reed College, where she first became interested in SOIL after Sasha gave a presentation on the organization’s success with EcoSan. Shannon is now the Social Media and Outreach intern at SOIL’s office in Port-au-Prince. She enjoys learning Haitian Creole and making site visits, and she adores her coworkers. Shannon is thrilled to have the chance to work with a well-established non-profit as she herself runs a small 501(c)3 organization with her friend and would like to continue working in the non-profit international development sector in the future.