Dr. Sasha Kramer, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Dr. Sasha Kramer is an ecologist and human rights advocate who has been living and working in Haiti since 2004. She received her Ph.D. in Ecology from Stanford University in 2006 and co-founded SOIL that same year while also completing a postdoctoral research position with the Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects at Stanford. While Sasha spends the majority of her time living and working in Haiti, she is also a global advocate for the recycling of nutrients in human waste, helping others implement sustainable sanitation projects and inspiring people around the world to participate in the sanitation revolution. Sasha is an Adjunct Professor of International Studies and a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Miami.  She is also a 2014 Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, and an Architect of the Future with the Waldzell Institute.

131102 yvon
Yvon St-Martin, Regional Director

Yvon St-Martin is a talented multi-lingual international professional with extensive work experience in management, supply logistics and procurement, as well as humanitarian experience acquired over a range of work assignments around the globe. Born and raised in Haiti, Yvon has continually returned to his home country to support Haiti’s positive sustainable development while also pursuing educational and professional opportunities internationally in order to expand his skill set. Yvon came to SOIL initially as an Operations Consultant in July 2013 and now serves as Port-au-Prince Regional Director with a strong focus on developing SOIL’s staff capacity, streamlining operations, and supporting SOIL’s mission to transform wastes into resources.

Baudeler Magloire, Co-Founder and Sanitation Director

Baudeler is Co-founder of SOIL and has worked with SOIL since its inception. Born and raised in Milot, Baudeler is a dynamic and effective community leader and was a local government official before his thirtieth birthday. Ever dedicated, since the January 2010 earthquake, Baudeler divides his time between Port-au-Prince and Milot where his wife and son reside. His passion, intelligence, spirited presence and light heart keep the entire SOIL team inspired.

Jean Marie Noel, Agriculture Director

Originally from Jacmel, SOIL agronomist Jean-Marie first learned of SOIL in 2005 when they built a compost toilet in the Eglise Saint-Claire, where he was working with Father Gerard Jean-Juste. Prior to working with SOIL, Jean Marie also taught Chemistry and Biology.  He has now been with SOIL since 2010 and loves “everything” about his job, particularly working in SOIL’s experimental garden and the educating others on the uses of compost.  Jean Marie studied Agronomy at the Universite Episcopal D’Haiti (UNEPH).

Jimmy Louis, Sanitation Coordinator

Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Jimmy is SOIL’s local celebrity. He is the Captain and star player of his football team, Full Technics, and inspires the children of the neighborhood with his leadership, kindness, and athletic ability. Jimmy enjoys sharing his EcoSan skills and knowledge with others through SOIL’s regular training sessions. He hopes to return to college to study pediatric medicine.

Davidson Ulysses, Drum Collection Supervisor

Davidson first learned of SOIL when he was living in a tent camp after the earthquake.  He proved his value as a volunteer on the management committee for the public toilets that SOIL built in the camp. Davidson now helps run the bi-weekly drum collection runs to SOIL’s toilets throughout Port-au-Prince. Before coming to work for SOIL, Davidson studied mechanics and he hopes to someday start a heavy machinery import business. He lives in the Delmas 33 neighborhood with his father and his brother.

Fred “Dodo” Dol, Logistician

Dodo met Sasha on her first trip to Haiti in 2004, and he was a committed volunteer at SOIL from the beginning as he shuttled staff and volunteers between the international and domestic airports in Port-au-Prince. Dodo started working for SOIL full-time in 2009 when he used his skills as a mechanic to help SOIL pick out a good used truck – no easy task in Haiti! He was the first person we called when SOIL moved to Port-au-Prince following the 2010 earthquake. Dodo says he loves working for SOIL because “I believe in what we are building together in this country.”

Herby Sanon, Sanitation Supervisor

Herby first learned of SOIL when they began working in the Park Izmery tent camp immediately following the earthquake.  He has been with SOIL since January 2011 very proud to be working not just for a great organization, but also for the development of Haiti.  Though he misses his parents and siblings back in his hometown of Les Cayes, he truly feels that he’s found a home with the SOIL family.

Clotes Alexandre, Driver

With knowledge of “every road in Port-au-Prince,” Clotes Alexandre is SOIL’s expert driver of the beloved Poopmobile. Clotes’ favorite part about SOIL’s work is the simplicity of the composting process and its many rewards. Clotes says, “I’ve even learned to make compost!  I didn’t know how before but now I know.”  Clotes lives in Petionville with his wife.

Junior Bazar, Compost Team Liaison

Junior first learned of SOIL through agronomist Jean Marie Noel.  Originally from Jeremie in the Grand Anse region of Haiti, Junior believes in the potential for SOIL’s work to strengthen Haiti, particularly in the agricultural sector. He is very proud of the experience he’s gained working with SOIL, as well as his in-depth understanding of Ecological Sanitation’s many benefits. Junior graduated at the top of his class and is keen to send his children to college when the time comes.

Julien Jean Baptiste, Security

Julien is the eyes, ears and heart of the SOIL house. Born and raised in Jacmel, Julien has lived in Port-au-Prince since 1978.  He first heard of SOIL through Sasha, who he met when SOIL began working in Port-au-Prince after the earthquake.  While his technical title may be security, Julien is truly a caretaker, making sure both the SOIL team and the home-office are looked after.

Everne Lafalaise, Depot Supervisor

Originally from Jacmel, Lafalaise has the important job of overseeing all of the pieces and parts that allow SOIL’s EcoSan technology to be put into action. He first heard of SOIL through Agronomist Jean-Marie Noel and has been overseeing the SOIL depot since 2011.  He is very proud of what SOIL’s work in Haiti and hopes that EcoSan will continue to spread throughout the country.

Antoine “Lalen” Juselène, Housekeeping

Lalen is SOIL’s housekeeper and the chef behind the breakfast at SOIL’s weekly staff meeting. Originally from Jacmel, she has lived in Port-au-Prince for over 25 years and came to work at SOIL through Julien Jean-Baptiste. Lalen is very proud of her work and says she loves everything about her job. The SOIL team most appreciates her bright smile, her kindness, and her amazing pikliz!

Gustav Celon, Security

Gustav was born in Gros-Mornes, Gonaïves and has been lived in Port-au-Prince since 1988.  He first heard of SOIL through his friend (and ours), Tè, and has been working as night security since the SOIL team moved to its current location in 2010.  Gustav is very proud to work for SOIL, and prouder still to be a father.

Herrod Pierre, Security

Born in Les Cayes, Herrod has lived in Port-au-Prince since 1993 and has been working as SOIL’s night security with his partner Gustav since after the earthquake in 2010.  Herrod enjoys the relaxed, stress-free attitude of the SOIL staff, who he says are a pleasure to work with. Herrod’s brother and three sisters also live in Port-au-Prince.

Gaspard Sanet, Compost Team

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Junior Dalphis, Compost Team

Bio Coming Soon.

Pierre Richard Paul, Agricultural Team

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Ghislaine Jean Louis, Administrator

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Rocheteau Bertrand, Drum Team

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Wisnel Jolissaint, Yard Manager

Bio Coming Soon.

 131102 erica
Erica Lloyd, Program Manager

Erica hails from the Washington, D.C. area.  After graduating from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s in History and a Master’s in Teaching, Erica spent over a decade as the Program Director of a small youth advocacy non-profit in Virginia.  Erica came to SOIL in 2013 after falling in love with the organization’s mission: “Improving the health of Haiti’s communities, environment, and economy, all in this one program – it’s a gift to be a part of such an amazing organization.”

Theo Huitema, Regional Director

Theo grew up in Holland and embarked at 28 in the world to work first in Haiti. After a few years there and then in Nigeria and Zimbabwe working as an independent contractor and with other NGO’s, he eventually made it back to Haiti and is now part of the SOIL team! Theo has decades of experience working in community sanitation and water project engineering, and believes that projects will be sustainable with local input/know-how and with “appropriate technology” adapted to each situation, and where communities are soliciting the improvement. As Regional Director for SOIL in Cap-Haitien, Theo is working to help communities help themselves, involving all parties that will make these sanitation projects successful, like local authorities and government. In his free time, Theo enjoys biking in the beautiful rural countryside around Cap-Haitien and producing a regular video series for the SOIL website: the Theo Talks!.

Josaphat Augustin, Construction Coordinator

Josapha is enthusiastic to continue his work developing SOIL’s system of transforming human waste into fertilizer through the natural composting process.  An incredible team leader and master toilet constructor, Josapha oversees all SOIL activities in the north.  He hopes to continue to develop his ability to motivate communities to learn about the incredible benefits of ecological sanitation.

Monika Roy, Project Coordinator

Monika hails from California and graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Environmental Economics and Sustainable Agriculture, spending many hours working and learning on farms. Coming onto the SOIL team in early 2012, she is EcoSan devoted and delighted to be working with SOIL in 2013 coordinating activities and data between the Sanitation and Agriculture departments. She gets excited talking about waste recycling systems and loves to conduct experiments using SOIL’s own humanure compost!

Romel Toussaint, Agricultural Director

Romel has been working for SOIL since 2010.  He is responsible for all activities held at the Limonadoe compost site including the handling of toilet deliveries, overseeing the compost process, and the extensive experimental garden.  Romel is very enthusiastic about agriculture and is passionate about transforming human waste into a resource that can replenish the Haitian environment.

Erinold Frederic, Supervisor

Erinold is SOIL’s public toilet and technology center supervisor.  Originally from the coastal town of Borgne, he moved to Cap-Haitien to go to school and work for SOIL in 2008. Erinold is very happy to be working with SOIL to bring the population of Haiti better health through ecological sanitation facilities. In addition to working for SOIL, Erinold is currently studying medicine in Cap-Haitien.

Madame Bwa, Community Organizer

Madam Bwa is a stand-out community organizer in Shada.  She has been working with SOIL since 2007 and has played a critical role in every project SOIL has undertaken in Shada. She currently oversees six toilets in Shada and provides consistent communication and coordination between the entire community and SOIL. She is extremely dedicated to the work that SOIL is doing in Haiti and is incredibly passionate about continuing the development of Shada, where she lives with her family and many grandchildren.

Angelot Dubois, Driver

A newer member of the Cap-Haitien SOIL staff. Angelot Dubois is responsible for driving the truck twice a week to pick up and deliver used drums to the SOIL compost site in Limonade.  Outside of his work with SOIL, Angelot is an active member of the community of Shada, where he lives with his family.  Angelot is a very hard worker and will be an important part of SOIL’s continued development.

Rose Marie Myrtil, Cook/Housekeeper

Rose Marie is the beloved cook and housekeeper of the SOIL office in Cap-Haitien. She keeps the SOIL staff well fed and happy with her delicious fried chicken and black bean sauce. Rose Marie says that she loves everything about working with SOIL and is proud that things function so well and that people like the food she makes.

Wilner “Met” Pierre, Compost Supervisor

Wilner “Met” Pierre works at SOIL’s compost site in Limonade where he oversees the land, receives used drums, and works through all processes composting.  Met has been working for SOIL since 2009 and looks forward to developing the experimental garden at the compost site.  He lives near Limonade with his family.

Pierre Reginald

Pierre comes from SHADA II and works as a toilet manager for SOIL. He loves working for SOIL and in spare time explores his other talents for fishing, painting, and carpentry.

Diesson Cadet

Diesson comes from SHADA II where he works and lives as a toilet manager. Talented in the music world, he is a rapper and has already recorded 2 CD’s with fellow SOIL employee Cadet Jocelyn.

Moise Ismick

Moise came to work for SOIL as the Drum Run team driver. He loves driving the SOIL truck promoting EcoSan, but secretly has dreams of driving even bigger vehicles like tractors (maybe when our farm is a bit more established.…). When not driving, he takes care of his wife and 2 kids.

Jean Claude Flerimond

Jean Claude is our site guardian in Limonade, taking care of not only the garden, but the animals as well (the goats follow him around!) He loves fixing problems as they come up, and beautifying the site, bringing his 3 children along to help out sometimes too.

Fisma Morency (Bos Mo), Assistant Technical Coordinator

Bos Mo is a “Jack of all Trades” whose duties range from working as a mechanic on the SOIL vehicles to taking over construction responsibilities. He is an incredible asset to the team and to the world around him. He loves working for SOIL and supporting his 4 kids, 3 of whom are in University.

Jean Franquel Dime (Sever)

Sever works for SOIL as the site guardian and part of the compost team in Mouchinette, ensuring all operations run smoothly. He is happy that SOIL has given him the opportunity to work and support his 11 kids. He loves taking care of his horse, and is occupied constructing a new house.

Siney Tonius (Bos Tony)

Bos Tony lives and works in SHADA II as one of the toilet managers. He makes sure the toilets are stocked and helps collect data for SOIL on toilet usage. In his spare time he likes to work on construction projects.

Cadet Jocelyn

Jocelyn is the other half of the rap duo with fellow SOIL employee Diesson. He comes from San Rafael but now lives in SHADA II, working on the drum run team for SOIL. We will soon be asking him to make a music piece promoting EcoSan.

Jacques Eliphete

Eliphete lives in SHADA II and also works on the drum run team. He loves animals and owns a donkey, hoping to acquire a horse someday. We would love to have those animals on our farm, too!

Fleurant Iragnier

Iragnier lives in SHADA II and works as a toilet manager for SOIL there. He loves to garden, and is also busy taking care of his family. Like most Haitians, he loves music.

Fermilien Villa

Villa lives and works in SHADA II as a toilet manager. He takes care of a few toilets as well as his family. By profession he is a seamster and makes and sells clothes. At the age of 56 he is thankful that both of his parents are alive.

Dorat Jean

Dorat helps out with a variety of random (and very important) tasks in the office that need to get done. He is very resourceful and has created his own business viewing movies in his house. He is our #1 soccer enthusiast, leading the Okap office team to victory over the Port au Prince office!

Charles Louvens

Charles comes from Port de Paix and works as the office security full-time, though he is enthusiastic about helping with all facilities and we often have to send him home to go sleep! He loves to play sports, garden, and teach people how to drive the motorcycle.

Job Etienne

Job is our well-versed agricultural supervisor who’s making things happen at the farm. He loves working in the SOIL gardens and monitoring the compost temperatures. When not working he listens to evangelical music, plays soccer, and takes care of his family.

Herlande Estimable, Administrative Coordinator/Cashier

Hailing from Au Borgne, Herlande now lives in Cap Haitien where she studied Business Administration at the University of Notre Dame. She has worked in microcredit at Unibank and as the Financial Manager in AIDG, and is now applying those past experiences to helping things run smoothly in the SOIL office. When she is not working, she loves to listen to music, watch and read documentaries, and, weather and time permitting, go to the beach.

Merlande Charles, Receptionist/ Housekeeping

Merlande is from Cap Haitien where she studied Informatiques Biologiques and sewing. She is very happy with her work with SOIL and when asked what she likes to do in her free time she laughed and said, “What free time? I am always working!” It’s true, Merlande, like many other SOIL staff members, is always on call whether it’s early morning, after work hours, or during the weekend. We appreciate and rely upon her dedication!

Algate Joseph, Hygiene Promoter

Algate was born in Trou du Nord where she also began her studies in Nursing and had her first work experience, working with an NGO called Merlin Cholera treatment at the hospital in Trou du Nord. After that, she worked for the American Red Cross in community cholera awareness. She loves her work now with SOIL because she is constantly discovering new experiences, for example, she had never before heard of Ecosan. On the weekends, she likes to take care of things around the house go for walks. She also enjoys reading and researching to continue expanding her knowledge.

Jean Jaques (Peterson) Wylio, Security

Peterson is from Petit Guaves, grew up in Port-au-Prince, and now lives just outside of Cap Haitien’s center. He loves everything SOIL does because it makes a creates positive development in Haiti. He is very devoted to his role as protector of the SOIL office and its staff and he would like to be a policeman someday in order to protect the people and keep peace on a larger scale. In his free time, he loves reading and all kinds of sports (particularly slack-lining wherever he can find two solid trees to support them).

Nathalie François, Administrative Assistant

Nathalie was born and raised right here in Cap Haitien where she studied Economics, Administrative Informatics, and Medical Technology in order to prepare herself as best as possible for the professional working world. With her varied experience, she brings order and a smile to the many goings on in the SOIL office. In her free time, she loves watching movies.

Milien Balnave (Trez), Guardian and Compost Team Chief

Trez comes from the 13th section of Roucou Limonade. H would like to go back to school at some point to study Imformatiques. As a child he always loved to play soccer and still does, when not too busy as the Compost Team Leader.

Pierre Wilfrid, (Douz) Guardian and compost team

Douze is from Fosse Capois and, come June 2013, will have worked for SOIL for one year. When asked what he likes to do in his spare time, he said he likes to work, in order to have a good life. When pressed for more detail, it came out that a good life includes enjoying a good game of football!

Jean Delinoit, Assistant worker, SREDD

Jean is one of the newest additions to the SOIL team. He was born in the 3rd Section of Roucou Limonade, not far from where he now works at SREDD. He worked in agriculture for 5 years in the Dominican Republic, but is now happy to be back in Haiti and working to advance his country. He would like some day to do create a family business or a disco, using his land and resourcefulness to create security in his life.

Edriss Fermilien, Toilet Manager

Another of SOIL’s more recent staff, Edriss lives and works in Shada as SOIL’s newest toilet manager. He is happy when he is working, and particularly happy to work ow with SOIL, knowing that he is helping to improve the health of his community and himself. When not working, he understands the importance of a little rest and likes to find time to relax with his brother, another SOIL employee.

Patricia Kramer, Donor Outreach and International Liaison Volunteer

Since the beginning, Pat has been the secret behind SOIL’s success. SOIL would have stumbled to a halt long ago if Pat hadn’t been there to send out thank you letters, receive in-kind donations, negotiate complicated international bank transfers, receive middle-of-the-night phone calls from SOIL’s Executive Director (her daughter!), and be an unwavering and passionate advocate of SOIL’s work in Haiti. Pat lives in upstate New York.

Leah Nevada Page, Development Director

Leah has been working with SOIL over the past five years as she squeezed trips to Haiti in between day jobs at the United Nations, Mercy Corps and variety of other relief agencies large and small, and we’re happy to say that we now have her full time. Skilled at grant writing and organizational management and fluent in Haitian Creole, she’s a logical choice for a Development Director. And the fact that she grew up in a community that used EcoSan composting toilets and has done lots of farming in her life makes her a perfect fit. She is currently growing her garden in Richmond, VA.

Deirdre Redden, Finance Officer

Deirdre is responsible for development and management of SOIL’s annual budget, financial reporting, and tax and audit preparation and reporting. Prior to joining SOIL, Deirdre was the Director of Finance and Administration at the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, a historic house museum in Hartford, CT. Deirdre also has previous experience working as an independent consultant specializing in development and implementation of business and strategic plans. Deirdre has an MBA in Finance from the University of Connecticut and a B.A. in Economics from Trinity College. In addition to her work for SOIL, Deirdre also serves as Finance Director for the Center for Children’s Advocacy.