Regular readers of the SOIL blog will know that in November our amazing weather station in Limonade went live, and that since that time, it has been sharing the local weather data with the world. Rainfall, temperature, wind direction and speed, pressure… it’s all there for anyone to access!

Last month, the University of Limonade requested a tour of our waste treatment site so they could see the weather station and hear about how it works and what we do with the data. They were also interested in using the data in their own curriculum, as an educational tool, because weather data in Haiti can be quite difficult to obtain.

Extract of the weather data collected by our station

Extract of the weather data collected by our station

Ultimately there were 46 agronomy students who participated in the tour. SOIL’s Cap-Haitien Sanitation Director, Emmanuel Antoine, gave the students a presentation of SOIL and our activities before they all went to have a look at the station and some of the recent data that it collected.

Presentation of SOIL's activities

Emmanuel Antoine, Sanitation Director, introducing the students to SOIL’s activities through a short presentation.

At SOIL, we are very proud to support the training of students in the country, be it through sharing our data, or through our internship program, which provides 6 to 8 agronomy students every year with hands-on work experience in the waste treatment sector.

To some people education might not be the most obvious mission for SOIL, yet it is critical if we want our work here to have a long-term impact. We love when students leave SOIL with a deep knowledge of the importance of treating waste safely to protect both health and the environment, and we are honored to be able to support the training of the next generation of Haitian agronomists.

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  • KOBA josue
    May 13, 2017 (10:19 am)

    Very good news. Behaviour change start by education. Go a head SOIL Tram.

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