A New SOIL Office in Cap-Haitien – Coming Soon!

For the past five years SOIL has been renting a beautiful downtown building in Cap-Haitien that has served as our northern Haiti office. This building has many benefits: it’s conveniently close to the urban neighborhoods we work in and also close to the bus station, the airport, our partner organizations, local government offices, and the vegetable market. And perhaps most importantly: after a long day of work, we love looking out at the gorgeous view of the Cap-Haitien Bay from the buildings’ wraparound balconies.

But despite all these perks, it’s time for SOIL to move on. Urban rentals are not cheap in Haiti and for the price of just a few years’ rent, we can build a new office building on property owned by SOIL adjacent to the SOIL nursery and farm in Limonade. Over the long run this move will help us substantially lower our project support costs even lower than they are already, and therefore this move will enable us to to devote a larger percentage of our budget to the impactful sanitation, agriculture, and education programs that we live for.

The plans for the new office promise a spacious, environmentally-friendly design with lots of exterior space for experimental gardens and trees. And while we may occasionally miss the hustle and bustle of being downtown, we are all looking forward to spending our work days listening to the birds singing and the occasional “moo” from the SOIL cow “Uit”.

Keep your eyes on SOIL’s Facebook and Twitter as we’ll be posting updates throughout the new office construction… we can’t reveal the secret yet, but there’s a rumor that the floor plan of the office is going to be shaped into a special shape known only to SOIL and soon to be visible from above… more information coming soon!

The future site of the new SOIL Cap-Haitien office. This idyllic rural location is convenient to the main road going into Cap-Haitien, adjacent to the SOIL nursery and farm, and just down the road from SOIL's composting waste treatment facility for northern Haiti.

Laying the foundation of the new SOIL office... stay posted for more office construction updates coming soon!

Want to Help?

We’re trying to raise $55,000 by October 31, 2013 to cover the full costs of office construction. Contribute today at www.oursoil.org/help-soil-build-a-new-cap-haitien-office/ and then share this link widely!

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