A record setting summer

Summer is in full swing and for SOIL it has been a season brimming with activity. Not even the intensity of Haiti’s summer heat has been able to slow down the efforts of our tenacious crew!

SOIL’s EkoLakay team in northern Haiti has just wrapped up two back-to-back months with record-setting toilet installations, bringing more than 140 new families onto the service across Cap-Haïtien. At the same time, our SOIL truck has been zipping back and forth between the airport and SOIL’s office with increasing regularity as the R&D branch of SOIL heads into a busy month of visitors.

Many of SOIL’s research partners are making their way from outside of Haiti to help launch efforts looking at everything from the human-centered design improvements we could make to SOIL’s service, to the water usage trends of families using a dry EkoLakay toilet, to customer retention trends in a challenging context. Research like this is critical in helping SOIL refine our work not only to improve what we do in Haiti, but also to help replicators around the world better reach resource-poor urban communities with safe and dignified sanitation.

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