A SOIL Calendar for the Holidays!

Here in Port-au-Prince the sun is shining and the temperature is a balmy 86°F, but for many of our friends in the United States and throughout the world, winter is fast approaching! No matter where you are, the holiday season is on its way, and that means that SOIL calendars are here again! One of our favorite projects each year is creating a beautiful collection of stories and images to share with all of our friends. Our calendars are a great way to spread the word about SOIL, add a little beauty to your home, or give a small, meaningful gift.

If you are interested in ordering a 2013 SOIL calendar for yourself, or a set of 10 calendars to give as gifts, please email [email protected] and let us know! We ask for a $20 donation per calendar, or a reduced $150 donation per 10 calendars ordered. All the proceeds from our calendar sales will support ongoing sustainable sanitation and reforestation work in Haiti.

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  • R. Keith Price
    November 13, 2012 (10:37 pm)

    I’d like 10 calendars for a donation of $200.
    Is there a link to view the calendar?

    • SOIL
      November 14, 2012 (1:16 pm)

      We don’t have the calendar uploaded (and it’s a big file with lots of pictures) but we’ll try to post a preview soon. Email [email protected] for more information. Thank you!

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