An update from our partners at Re.Source

As many of you know, the Household Toilet Project is now in full swing, with 150 families in Shada, Cap-Haitien, using their beautiful household toilets on a daily basis. SOIL’s partner organization Re.Source is in the process of checking back in with everyone in Shada to gather information about how people are feeling about the toilets. Here’s an excerpt from their latest blog post:

“The work doesn’t end when you install the toilets. That’s when it begins.

Since deploying our toilets in November, we’ve been working closely with our friends at SOIL to refine the collection service, to make it faster, more convenient, and more enjoyable for our customers and our staff alike. We’ve put a lot of work into building our next generation of re.source tracking tools, too.

For the next few weeks, we will be going beyond our routine check-ups to re-examine everything we have done, interviewing customers and residents and staff, poring over operations data, and looking at our books to understand how we are doing.

The goal is to get an early sense of what seems to be working, and what could be improved. We’ll make changes, and then we’ll learn from those too. It is through this continuous follow-up that we hope to build and improve our model into one that constantly improves sanitation for millions of people around the world.”

A happy recipient carrying her Household Toilet home in Shada, Cap-Haitien

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