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Institute of Civil Engineers: From Haiti to Mars: a Giant Leap for Human Waste

SOIL and Re.Source Co-Author Second Paper on Household Sanitation

Back in May we excitedly announced that we had co-authorized a paper with our collaborators at re.source sanitation (and you can check it out here). We now are pleased to say that the second paper from this collaboration has hit the press! As we started researching and planning our household sanitation service in Haiti, we became very aware of how little is known about user demand and perception for household ecological sanitation (EcoSan) services. Would our target customers even want these toilets? Would they be proud of them? Would they feel like they were modern or would they be put off by the new technology? What impact would these toilets ...

Geolocating SOIL Toilets

SOIL is Hiring: Seeking an EkoLakay Project Manager

SOIL is seeking a full time EkoLakay Project Manager to support the scale up of SOIL’s social business pilot for providing sustainable household sanitation in Port-au-Prince. We are looking for someone passionate about researching, designing, implementing, and improving social business models for the sustainable private-sector provision of ecological sanitation services. Thank you for sharing this announcement widely and helping us find the right person to join our passionate and dynamic team! POSITION DESCRIPTION The full position description is on Idealist.org. APPLICATION PROCESS Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, CV, ...

SOIL Love: The Summer of Awards

Most of the time it feels like we putter away in relative obscurity. We are a small grassroots organization getting a lot done on a little grit, good luck, and perseverance. But every so often we get a bit of recognition for our work and it feels great! And this summer we are have been truly blown away by a flurry of good news for SOIL. We are so honored to announce that this summer SOIL has earned not one but four incredible recognitions! Please join us in thanking the Stordalen Foundation and the Stockholm EAT Forum, the Humanitarian Water and Food Award committee, Sustainia, and the Prince's Responsible Business Network for honoring SOIL's ...

Equip SOIL for Success: We Need Your Help!

SOIL is busy these days! In Port-au-Prince, the office is buzzing with plans for rolling out the EkoLakay service, and in Cap-Haitien, SOIL staff are working at full speed to build and install over 100 household toilets every month. To keep up with these exciting developments, we need your help to meet five specific needs: new uniforms, improving our solar-power system, purchasing a new Poopmobile moto, grinding cover material to "flush" our toilets, and installing a solar-powered water pump. All of these activities are critical to the smooth and efficient scale-up of our EkoLakay toilet project. We ask you to please consider making a small ...

Utopia Foundation

Land for Life

Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship


September 2014 Newsletter: Thank You for Investing in Us

Dear friends, Looking for a job in Haiti can be a heartbreakingly difficult task. Every year thousands of talented young people graduate from Haiti’s universities trained in agronomy, engineering, economics, education, and medicine, yet, despite their eager efforts, their chances of finding a good job are extremely limited. According to the Economist, “around three-quarters of Haitians are either unemployed or try to make ends meet in the informal economy.” Supporting sustainable market-based solutions in Haiti is critical to supporting Haiti’s long-term economic development, and SOIL is dedicated to researching social business solutions ...