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ONE: 7 Sustainable toilets that could change the way the world poops

"We know how important toilets are in the fight against water contamination and diarrheal disease. But because of infrastructure and cost, conventional toilets don’t always work in developing countries – and as a result, 35% of the world’s population to lack access to basic, working toilets.   Fortunately, there are a few cost-effective, eco-friendly, sustainable toilet solutions out there that work for all kinds of environments. It’s creative thinking like this that can help increase the number of people who have access to toilets – and perhaps even change the way the world poops." --Jaswanth Madhavan, ONE, November 18, ...

takepart: People Are Cooking With Human Poo—and That’s a Good Thing

"To get the fuel she needed to cook her food and warm her home, Kenyan Nancy Wambui, 54, used to buy charcoal made from chopped-down trees. But recently, she was given a new set of briquettes to try, that looked just like regular charcoal but worked even better. The secret ingredient? Human poop. “They took a long time to burn off, so you could cook and then still have heat to heat hot water for bathing,” she said of her first experience using the new fuel.

The Guardian: Food security: Is it Time to Recognise the Nutritional Value of Human Waste?

"'Given this natural aversion to human waste, it takes rigorous research, careful implementation and skillful social marketing to overcome the ‘yuck’ factor,' says Kramer. 'That said, we found that, in Haiti, once people are able to see, smell and touch the final product they are more than eager to test it in their gardens.' SOIL in The Guardian

The Globe and Mail: How an Exam Question Inspired This Social Entrepreneur

BBC: “From Toilet to Table, Overcoming the ‘Yuk’ Factor”

The Guardian: Haiti Recycles Human Waste in Fight Against Cholera Epidemic