EkoLakay Go!

Thanks to an exciting new development, SOIL staff will soon be wandering through the streets, staring at excitedly at their cell phones. No, Pokemon Go isn’t coming to Haiti (yet) - but SOIL is going mobile! After more than a year of research, we are moving forward with setting up a new data system for EkoLakay, SOIL’s household toilet service. From tracking a potential customer to client contracts, payments, and bucket collections, running the EkoLakay service generates a ton of important data. When we first started the service in 2011, we put all of that data in ...

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Cycling for SOIL!

Dr. John Kilbride, a dear SOIL friend (and the esteemed brother-in-law of SOIL co-founder Sasha Kramer), embarks July 23 upon a 2-wheeled odyssey of federal proportions; pedaling from Santa Monica pier in LA, to Battery Park in NYC. He will be spreading the word about SOIL and our ten year anniversary to all he meets! Our grand adventuring friend is inviting all of you to join him on his journey - whether you want to pedal along for a few miles, provide water/toilet breaks along the road, or a vehicle escort through tricky urban areas (we're looking at you, New ...

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SOIL Ecological Sanitation Training: September 29, 2016

[Li enfòmasyon sa a an kreyòl ayisyen.] SOIL conducts regular one-day workshops on SOIL’s use of ecological sanitation (EcoSan) technology in Haiti. This workshop includes an overview of SOIL’s programs, technologies used, lessons learned, and implementation suggestions. Read more about past training sessions here.   Workshop Information Date Thursday, September 29, 2016 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Location Delmas 31, Port-au-Prince Language We hope to have sufficient interest to offer the workshop in both Haitian Creole and English. Please indicate your ...

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Fòmasyon Sanitasyon Ekolojik: 29 Septanm 2016

[Click here to read this information in English.] Detanzantan, SOIL oganize atelye pou pataje eksperyans ak konesans nou genyen ak teknoloji Sanitasyon Ekolojik (EkoSan) an Ayiti Fomasyon sa genyen ladan yon rezime de pwogram nou yo, pa egzamp: teknoloji ke nou sevi, leson nou te aprann nan devlopman tekonoloji sa yo, e pwopozisyon nou genyen pou amelyore koman teknoloji sa yo ka aplike pi byen. Enfòmasyon Atelye Dat: Jedi, 29 Septanm 2016, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Location: Delmas 31, Pòtopwens Lang yo: Kreyol ak Angle Ajanda 8h00 – 8h30: Anrejistreman tout ...

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Job Opening: Compost Program Advisor

Please see the attached PDF for the job description and application instructions!

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Caring Crowd: An Interview with SOIL’s Erica Lloyd in Haiti

Le Nouvelliste: Des toilettes aux assiettes: Et si nous passions à des solutions alternatives pour l’assainissement?

The POOP Project: You’re Tuned to CBS: SOIL’s Sasha Kramer, Kory Russel and Container Based Sanitation

Challenges News: Quand ong et secteur privé sont partenaires

SOIL Partners with St. Barnabas Agricultural College

St. Barnabas Agricultural College (CASB) is an institution with a vision to provide sustainable agricultural services to Haiti’s Northern region, and the school is using both SOIL’s EkoMobil mobile toilets and compost, Konpòs Lakay, to help achieve that goal! The two-year agriculture technician program is expanding: they are currently constructing new academic facilities and bringing unused plots of land back into agricultural production. The school hopes to have irrigated orchards and crops, aquaponics, an animal husbandry facility, and community gardens where CASB ...

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