Sharing Our Story with Carel Pedre

Carel Pedre speaking with SOIL’s Senior Manager, Romel Toussaint

Carel Pedre speaking with SOIL's Senior Manager, Romel Toussaint

In recent weeks, there has been a sudden flurry of interest in the value of human waste in the Haitian media, leading to increased attention, and sometimes head-scratching speculation, as to the ins and outs of SOIL’s work. SOIL was delighted at this new peak in interest and wanted to use this as an opportunity to answer some of the questions that were being asked with regard to SOIL’s work with waste - and exactly what we were doing with that waste! In order to share more of the real story about our innovative sanitation solution, SOIL reached out to renowned Haitian journalist and media host, Carel Pedre, to see if he’d be willing to interview one of SOIL’s Board Members. Carel, himself, had become aware of the increased interest in our work and was also intrigued to learn more. Given some of the ridiculous claims made in the media, Carel chose to visit SOIL’s work in Cap Haitien to ensure that he was able to share the facts behind the rumors with journalistic integrity. During the visit, Carel and his team were able to see SOIL’s transformational sanitation process first hand and interview our staff.  

You likely already know Carel Pedre, host of a number of media outlets in Haiti, including Haiti’s number one morning show, Chokarella, and Digicel Stars, making him a key figure in Haiti’s entertainment industry.  In addition to being a Haitian media personality, Pedre is also an impactful philanthropist and TEdX speaker. SOIL first connected with Pedre about 15 years ago when SOIL’s Executive Director, Dr. Kramer met him through a former Digicel Stars participant and winner, Rosemond Jolissaint, who was a close friend and supporter of SOIL. Dr. Kramer had always been impressed with his ability to report on entertainment and culture, while simultaneously weaving thoughtful social justice perspectives into his work.  

“When I heard what was being said about human waste in the media, I decided to go see what was happening with my own eyes and show everyone.”  - Carel Pedre

The SOIL team with Carel Pedre
The SOIL team with Carel Pedre

During his recent visit to SOIL, Pedre sat down with the SOIL team to learn more about our work to provide economic opportunity and dignified, regenerative sanitation to Haiti. Pedre and his crew were able to speak with numerous SOIL team members in various departments and visit all of SOIL’s facilities to better understand first-hand our mission to provide household sanitation to vulnerable families and the transformative approach to climate-positive waste treatment. In addition to visiting our facilities in Cap-Haitien, Pedre was also able to meet with Haiti’s Director of Sanitation, Edwige Petit, to discuss the urgency of providing safe sanitation, and SOIL’s role in helping to meet that vastly unmet need.

Carel Padre & Edwige Petit
Carel Pedre speaking with Director of Sanitaiton, Edwige Petit

Using the footage from his visit, Pedre and his team created an inspiring video that beautifully captures SOIL’s work, story and mission. Carel’s video not only has served as an inspiring news story at an especially challenging time in Haiti, it also has bolstered the moral of the SOIL team, reminding us all of why we are so committed to the work we do. The SOIL team is profoundly grateful to Pedre for helping us show the world who we are and what we stand for. We are proud to partner with inspiring leaders like Carel Pedre and hope to work together again in the future. You can watch the full video here.  

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