Bobo Got a US Transit Visa!!!!

Great news!  Bobo has in hand his US transit visa good for transiting through the US for the next 5 years (if he ever wants to travel again after this experience)!  This means that Bobo will be able to make his fourth attempt to return home to Haiti tomorrow afternoon.  His flight will once again take him through Nigeria, followed by Ghana and then through JFK on Friday morning and back to Haiti by Friday at 1 pm EST.

The whole SOIL team will be at the airport with bells and whistles and the fully decorated poopmobile! We will be sure to post a video to our Facebook page of his grand entry.

For those of you who have been crossing fingers and toes for Bobo’s safe return, it is time to start the champagne chilling so that it will be ready to crack open on Friday afternoon once we have confirmed his arrival.

Stay tuned.

Our deepest appreciation goes out to those who have made heroic efforts to bring Bobo home:

  • Leah Nevada Page, Nick Preneta and Corinne Coe – who have worked tirelessly over the past weeks to keep us going
  • The SOIL teams in Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien – who have sent supportive letters to Bobo daily to keep his spirits up
  • Robert McLaughlin – who took great pains to wire us the money to get us home safely and support us while trapped in Benin
  • Susan Poulton and Cheryl Zook of National Geographic – who have made this return trip possible by using their magical and dazzling Nat Geo superpowers.
  • Adrien Namur of SELF – who has contacted us many times each day with warm thoughts and helpful advice
  • Moumouni Chabi-Sika of ADESCA – who has accompanied Bobo all over Cotonou
  • The good doctors and nurses at Clinic Mahouna–  who saved Bobo’s life
  • Jen Burney – our fellow grantee who has offered to assist in any way she can
  • Our moms and dads and friends – who made donations and checked in with us almost hourly

In other Bobo news, his upcoming arrival was heralded yesterday by his namesake bird, the Pajaro Bobo Mayor, spotted yesterday in Delmas 33 right around the same time as his appointment with the US Embassy.

Bobo's namesake bird spotted in the Delmas 33 neighborhood yesterday by our neighbor Brett Winton.

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