Bringing the Toilets Home

Written by our friends at re.source – a start-up team based out of Stanford University, funded by a Grand Challenges Explorations Phase 1 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The re.source team is partnering with SOIL to help design an improved household EcoSan toilet and a social business model for providing household sanitation in urban slums. See other blog posts by the re.source team here. We’re launching! We installed 25 toilets in Shada on October 30th, reaching a milestone we’ve been working toward for more than a year. It marks the culmination ...

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SOIL Loses a Dear Friend and Colleague

It is with great sadness that we share the news that a dear friend and colleague of ours Joseph Decius Derilus (known to us as Fre De) passed away on Sunday October 7 at a hospital in Port au Prince.  In August Fre De had a terrible accident in his home when a kerosene lantern tipped over and started a fire.  He and his only daughter were badly injured in the fire and quickly rushed to the Médicines Sans Frontièrs burn center in the capital.  His young daughter died during the first week of hospitalization and Fre De underwent numerous operations but sadly passed away ...

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Experimental Garden Success!

Fantastic news from the experimental garden at Pernier: A batch of cabbages came in last week, some grown with SOIL compost, some without. The cabbages grown without compost looked perfectly fine, but the SOIL compost cabbages looked magnificent! Everyone in the office was excited to see the results of such a successful agricultural trial, and immediately set about quantifying the differences between the two experimental crops. The 'With Compost' patch yielded 14 cabbages, with an average weight of 1.3 kilograms. The 'Without Compost' patch yielded just 4 cabbages, ...

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