Celebrate World Toilet Day!

Since 2006, SOIL has been working to provide safe, dignified access to in-home sanitation through our EkoLakay toilet service. Our community-driven regenerative and ecological sanitation solution was designed (and continues to adapt) to improve public health, quality of life, and the environment – to facilitate the long-term sustainability of in-home sanitation services in Haiti. For SOIL, providing an in-home toilet is only one part of supporting our communities’ essential needs; we’re invested in setting households and individuals on a path for long-term quality of life improvement, safety and security, and opportunities for dignified living. We’re also invested in a solution that mitigates climate change and supports resilient ecosystems.

We are thrilled that this year’s World Toilet Day is focused on sustainable sanitation and climate change. SOIL has been working for over a decade to provide sustainable sanitation that respects, regenerates and revives depleted ecosystems through our full cycle sanitation model. We hope that this year’s theme helps to raise awareness for sustainable solutions that mitigate climate change, promote hygiene behavior change that protects ecosystems and provides innovative waste treatment services.

 SOIL is proud to provide over 7,400 people in Haiti with access to safe sanitation.

On this World Toilet Day, SOIL is proud to provide over 7,400 people in Haiti with access to safe sanitation. But there is still A LOT of work to be done to tackle the crisis. In Haiti, the majority of the population still does not have access to safely managed sanitation. Around the world, an estimated 2.3 billion people lack access to sanitation. We must continue to drive innovation around sanitation and find the solutions that make real impact in vulnerable communities around the globe.

So let’s work together on this World Toilet Day to make real impact and improve the lives of so many around the globe. We hope you start with SOIL, support from our incredibly generous donors make our life-saving work possible. Help us tackle the sanitation crisis and make a true impact by donating today.

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SOIL depends on individual donations from people like you to fund our lifesaving, earth-restoring sanitation services in Haiti. Please consider supporting SOIL today.

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2 Replies to "Celebrate World Toilet Day!"

  • Dana Visalli
    December 15, 2020 (1:33 am)

    It’s reflective of the state of the world that (almost) no one has anything to say in response to your exemplary work. I can say that in the U.S.A. every day is World Toilet Day! But I would mean it as a joke, a reflection on the quality of the news stream. Personally I am interested what I would call ‘deep ecology’–another way to characterize would be ‘reality.’ The reality is that everything on this planet cycles. in useful, ecological pathways. So my question to people in my community (here in Washington State USA) would be, ‘Do you use a composting toilet?’ I really never ask because the answer would always be ‘What’s that?’ A vital interest in ecology (aka as ‘reality’) mostly has not yet been born in the human psyche. I think you should point out that it’s not just that Haiti is subsiding do to the weight of its doo, but that everybody on the planet could take a hint and a waymarker towards a viable future from your stupendous work. [I send SOIL $100 a year; it is the least I can do for the community of life]

  • John Gooch
    December 15, 2020 (3:10 am)

    To Sasha, her teams, her Peoples she lives with and her global supporters.
    As 2020, marks yet another growth of Dependance on Government, with more power again given to Government, we can again consider activities, that would increase our individual self reliance.
    As the World hopes for an end to the threat of World War, Nuclear poison, and Climate Change,
    we can consider reduction of our personal impact on larger systems of support.
    John Gooch

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