Client Story: Meet Edeline La Fosse

EkoLakay customer, Edeline La Fosse, with SOIL staff Carine Roberts and Algate Joseph

SOIL is committed to empowering the communities we serve and creating a dignified, affordable and satisfactory service for all of our clients. This year, we’re focused on improving the cost efficiency of the service, increasing the number of EkoLakay clients, and testing a variety of improvements in our composting waste treatment process. Our goal is to provide a sustainable household sanitation service of the highest quality that meets the needs of the most vulnerable populations.

We recently sat down with one of our EkoLakay clients, Edeline La Fosse, to learn more about her experience with SOIL’s EkoLakay toilet service and the impact it has had on her family. Edeline is a mother of three living in the Quartier-Morin neighborhood of Cap-Haitien. She has been an EkoLakay customer for the last two years, and learned about our service through one of her neighbors.

Prior to joining SOIL’s household toilet service, her family didn’t have a toilet at home and they used to have to ask a neighbor to use their toilet.  Edeline also mentioned having to use pit latrines as well which “had an unpleasant smell and when it rained water would flood everywhere making it impossible to use.” She says that “with EkoLakay, I don’t have this kind of problem and the toilet doesn’t smell because I take good care of it.”

“I have my own toilet now which I am so happy about.” – Edeline La Fosse, EkoLakay customer

For families like Edeline La Fosse’s the reality of not having an in-home toilet means having to resort to using shared or public toilets, or no toilet at all. Lack of access to safe and dignified sanitation places an extreme and unnecessary hardship on already vulnerable communities – leaving individuals more vulnerable to disease, more at risk for sexual assault, particularly for women and girls, and living with a greater sense of anxiety. The impact of poor sanitation options is far-reaching and long-lasting – creating social and economic barriers that can be impossible to overcome.

SOIL is committed to advocating for and providing access to safe sanitation that supports dignified living for everyone. We are grateful for Edeline’s willingness to share her family’s personal story with us.

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