Climate Mitigation: SOIL’s continuing partnership with Global Water Intelligence

Each year Global Water Intelligence (GWI) organizes the American Water Summit bringing together policy makers, regulatory and investment communities, and leaders working within the North American water sector to explore technologies, challenge mindsets, and tackle key questions that are vital to channeling action in the water industry. SOIL is thrilled to be partnering once again with GWI to offset the carbon emissions for participants’ travel to the conference. 

Our groundbreaking carbon-offset partnership with GWI began last year at the 2022 Global Water Summit after GWI recognized the evidence-based carbon mitigation impact of SOIL’s household sanitation and waste treatment services. The partnership mitigates the carbon footprint of GWI’s events by supporting SOIL’s climate-positive solution, with the value-add of also helping to increase access to basic services. This innovative partnership using evidence-based carbon mitigation methodologies, outside of the formal carbon market, offers an exciting opportunity for carbon mitigation financing for smaller organizations like SOIL.  

In November of last year, GWI launched a white paper titled Mapping Water’s Carbon Footprint that presents a detailed model of global greenhouse gas emissions from water infrastructure, and highlights the urgency of problems posed by direct emissions from poorly managed sanitation and wastewater. Adjacent to the white paper, SOIL was featured in a blog post on the GWI website, The fragrant CO2 solution: Haitian fecal sludge that explains some of the reasoning behind the decision to partner with SOIL directly outside of the formal carbon market. Noting that bad fecal sludge management is the single biggest cause of high carbon emissions in the water sector and recognizing the measurable emissions reduction potential of SOIL’s services, GWI decided to leverage their money in order to magnify the impact of it. 

You can read about GWI’s work and find more information about their annual water summits on their website.

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