Designing Data-Driven Sanitation Solutions: An Update on SOIL’s Climate Research

As the devastating impacts of climate change continue to mount around us, especially in vulnerable frontline communities like the ones SOIL serves in Haiti, we’re more motivated than ever to grow SOIL’s climate positive sanitation solution, which transforms a public health crisis facing cities around the world into a restorative solution for the planet.

To help contribute to the emerging field of study and ensure that we’re developing data-driven sanitation solutions, SOIL works in close partnership with research institutions to document and test every aspect of our work in Haiti.

We believe that through SOIL’s ecological sanitation and waste treatment services, SOIL is well positioned to implement mitigative (like the reduction of emissions or drawing CO2 out of the atmosphere) and adaptive (growing resilience in impacted communities to reduce negative impacts) climate strategies that not only help tackle some of Haiti’s toughest challenges, but also facilitate pathbreaking research on its potential global impact. Since 2014, SOIL has worked in collaboration with Dr. Rebecca Ryals of the University of California, Merced, to investigate just how transforming human waste into nutrient-rich compost is an effective climate change solution, both in its potential for mitigation and adaptation.

SOIL blog readers are likely very familiar with the studies we have been undertaking and we’re happy to report that we have research findings to share. Click on the topics below to see new results in the pathbreaking research.

+ Mitigation:

Does SOIL’s treatment process produce less greenhouse gas emissions compared to other waste treatment processes?

+ Adaptation:

Does the application of SOIL’s compost on agricultural soils increase plant growth and the amount of carbon stored in the soil? Does EcoSan compost increase the resilience of agricultural ecosystems facing climate change impacts?

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