"Closing the Loop, Transforming the Poop"

SOIL has launched a campaign with Trees Water People to plant 10,000 trees in Haiti in the coming year with SOIL’s own humanure compost. This project is part of our EcoSan initiative to not only collect and treat human waste, but to reincorporate it back into the earth, increasing productivity with more nutrients.

Our tree nursery is already underway with thousands of seedlings, but we envision growing even more trees while also fostering deeper relationships with the surrounding communities and local organizations. The SOIL nursery is in a rural area where most of the people work in agriculture and a majority of the trees we are growing will produce fruit and nuts to help increase access to healthy nutritive foods while also providing an important income source.

Please visit the Trees Water People site to make a donation to our reforestation project. All donations will be matched dollar for dollar. Double impact. Twice as many trees! Thank you for all of your support!

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