Compost Comin' Up!

SOIL has reached another “turning point” in our composting career! The construction of our three new glasiers (a drying station for the final states of compost production) at our composting site in Mochinette was finished last week, just in time for the emptying of compost bin #1! After three rather “shitty” months cooped up in a poop pen, the poop has been scooped and is ready now for an exciting three more – this time spread out and relaxing on our lovely new glasiers, drying up those winter sorrows and preparing for a fruitful 2013!

At the start of each coming month, the pile will be turned and transferred to a new glasier by members of our steadfast compost team. This turning process allows for more of the material to be exposed to the air, increasing the oxygen in the mixture and ensuring that the entire pile has reached the necessary temperature to effectively destroy all potentially harmful bacteria or other organisms residing in the fecal matter. This means that by the end of March, we are expecting a lovely, fresh batch of Konpòs Lakay for local and international purchase, just in time for some good springtime planting!

And as the first pile is turned and transferred to the second glasier, bin #2 will be emptied onto the first, and then bin #3 followed by bin # 4 and so on! At the rate SOIL is presently collecting toilet drums and buckets, one compost bin is being filled each month! This means that by the end of March 2013 we should be producing an estimated 9 cubic meters of compost each month!

Get your gardening gear ready because SOIL means business!

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