Discussing Future Growth with Local Stakeholders

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Last month SOIL’s Port-au-Prince team hosted a meeting alongside community members and Haiti’s Ministry of Environment (MDE) to discuss SOIL’s composting waste treatment site and plans for future growth. It was a part of a broader Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that the MDE leads and was a great opportunity for SOIL to continue to deepen relationships both with government partners and our neighbors and communities just outside of Haiti’s capital city.

We opened the session by explaining SOIL’s complete waste treatment process, including the dumping of containers, the washing and disinfecting of containers, full treatment of the waste, and safe transformation into compost. After presenting the composting process, our team explained how SOIL’s toilets work to give participants context about the sanitation service that transports the waste to the site for treatment. SOIL’s team also presented photos of our current site, as well as a 3D model of the future planned infrastructure.

Once our team finished explaining how our ecological sanitation processes works, the participants of the public meeting expressed how impressed they were with the multitude of positive impacts that SOIL’s efforts provide simultaneously: for employment, for sanitation, and for the environment. Elected leaders that were present were also excited about the new project and its potential for the community.

The public meeting was the last step through the EIA process, which is a requirement for new construction projects. Throughout any future construction, MDE will check in periodically on progress at the facility. We were glad to have an opportunity for intentional engagement with local stakeholders both in the public sector and in the communities surrounding our work.

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