Earthquake Response

On August 14th, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the southwest of Haiti. The damage has been significant and the death toll continues to rise in Les Cayes, the area most impacted. The SOIL team and our colleagues are all safe, but we are heartbroken as another traumatic event has devastated Haiti. In 2010 we watched in gratitude and awe at the outpouring of international support for Haiti. Now just over a decade later, we are again responding to the immediate need for support and emergency supplies for the affected areas, communities, and people that have endured yet another devastating trauma. Our long-term presence in Haiti means that we have the community connections, donor trust, and staff capacity to respond to these emergencies. At this time, we have set up an Earthquake Emergency Response fund that will allow us to pass on donations to provide for emergency supplies for the communities impacted.

Over the next few days, SOIL is coordinating 2 teams going to both the Les Cayes and Jeremie areas that are bringing emergency supplies. In Les Cayes the team will be visiting Les Anglais, Camp Perrin and Roche a Bateau communes. In Jeremie, they will be trying to reach some of the more rural communes of Anse-a-Veau and L’Asile, where other first responders might not yet be focusing. At the request of the Haitian government in regard to all emergency operations, our team will be sharing information with the Civil Protection Agency to make sure they are aware of our activities in coordination with other responders.  

In the coming week, SOIL will also be supporting the efforts of Second Mile Haiti and Care2Communities to send materials by plane from Cap-Haitien to Les Cayes for the hospitals that are in desperate need of supplies. These materials will be purchased locally for these efforts, in order to support local economies over this difficult time.  

If you would like to support the emergency response efforts you can here or please check out these other organizations that are providing emergency response in the south: Hope for Haiti and Health Equity International.  

SOIL also stands by these foundations that are distributing funds to local organizations: Ayiti Community Trust, Haitian Development Institute (HDI) , and the Lambi Fund. Thank you for keeping Haiti in your hearts.  

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