Ecological Sanitation

SOIL promotes dignity, health, and sustainable livelihoods through the transformation of wastes into resources in Haiti. In support of this mission, SOIL primarily focuses on promoting the community-identified priority of ecological sanitation (EcoSan), a process by which human wastes are converted into valuable compost. EcoSan simultaneously tackles some of Haiti’s toughest challenges by providing sanitation to people who would otherwise have no access to a toilet and producing an endless supply of rich, organic compost critical for agriculture and reforestation. Working with communities to design and test ecologically and socially beneficial solutions, SOIL implements low-cost technologies that are simple, easy to replicate, require minimal water, and provide safe and dignified access to sanitation.

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School toilets
SOIL is working to transform conditions in Haiti with both short-term projects that address critical needs, as well as a long-term strategy to expand sanitation access in a sustainable way.
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Waste Transformation

Composting site
Since building the first waste treatment facility in Haiti in 2009, SOIL has gone on to become the largest waste treatment operation in the country.
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