EkoLakay Payment Survey

SOIL is about to launch an online payment system to allow those in Haiti or abroad to pay their own bills, support their family and friends in Haiti or contribute to community health and resilience. We are sharing this survey with you as a respected stakeholder to get your insights and feedback to ensure that the platform meets the needs of its users.

EkoLakay is a household toilet service for individuals and families. Households pay a small monthly fee for toilet rental and weekly waste collection services. EkoLakay is available in multiple communes in the Cap Haitien metropolitan area.

Map of EkoLakay service zones in the Cap Haitien metropolitan area. Note – we are not currently serving Milot, beyond Dibout/Limonade to the east or Odikap to the southwest.

People paying online can support;
1.) an existing EkoLakay customer that you know (family, friend, acquaintance)
2.) someone you know in Northern Haiti within our service areas who is interested in joining the service
3.) the EkoLakay community operating fund for northern Haiti (you do not know a particular person, but would like to support service operations) MAKE A CONTRIBUTION


Left: EkoLakay team member shows new customer how to use the toilet and explains the EkoLakay service. Right: EkoLakay team provides weekly waste collection services for households.

Since piloting the EkoLakay service in Cap-Haitien in 2011, persistent inflation in Haiti has dramatically impacted the cost to run the service. This has not only made the cost to run the service more expensive for SOIL, but it has also made it significantly harder for customers to maintain the service as their financial situations worseCurrently, EkoLakay customers pay a monthly fee of 350 HTG (about $2.50 USD per month as of 5/2023) while SOIL’s monthly cost to provide the service per customer is approximately 1400 HTG (about $10 USD as of 5/2023). Historically, SOIL has used grants and donations to subsidize this difference and keep it affordable for the local community.

SOIL continues to seek innovative financing solutions to expand much needed services in a sustainable way. This survey is a way to gain insight into the interest and payment preferences of people who are able and willing to pay for the service for EkoLakay customers. This would help ensure access to the service for customers regardless of ability to pay and potentially offset the actual direct cost of providing our ecological sanitation services.

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