El País: How SOIL and Other Initiatives are Protecting the Planet

“The first time that Sasha Kramer traveled to Haiti, as a human rights observer after the 2004 coup, she was stunned by the lack of sanitation and waste management in the country,”writes Rocío Aguilera Vazquez for El País, one of Spain’s most prominent newspaper. “Since then, she and community leaders created a project to build compost toilets that have now been recognized by the United Nations almost 15 years later for providing solutions to climate change.”

In conversation about SOIL’s recent Momentum for Change prize win, Sasha shared with Rocío that “SOIL is tremendously honored to have won the [award] in recognition of the work that [SOIL] is doing to nurture human and planetary health. For over a decade, SOIL has been developing restorative solutions to the sanitation crisis in Haiti which demonstrate that it is possible to sustainably provide household sanitation services even in some of the world’s most under-resourced, climate vulnerable urban communities.”

Read the full article in Spanish by following this link. To learn more about the environmental impact of SOIL’s urban sanitation service click here.

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