Transforming Wastes Into Resources: Global Edition!

We are a population of over seven billion people, living in a world with increasingly scarce resources. Looking forward, there is one resource – often overlooked – that is perpetually available: human waste. The moniker ‘waste’ is indicative of general global perceptions: feces are to be discarded, and nothing more. For nearly seven years SOIL has endeavored to transform wastes into resources in Haiti, both through the physical transformation of human waste into rich, organic compost, and by de-stigmatizing waste within communities throughout Haiti. Like the book says: “Everybody poops.”
Transforming wastes into resources can take many forms, some incredibly practical, others slightly sillier. There are countless companies, organizations, and individuals dedicated to transforming wastes into resources, as well. From motorcycles powered by human waste to paper made out of elephant dung, the possibilities are endless. We’ve compiled a group of our favorites for you to peruse. Check it out below, and enjoy!
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