Envisioning and Planning for the Future

This past month, members of SOIL’s management teams gathered in Cap-Haitien to spend a few days digging into our long-term strategic planning and goals as an organization. The gathering was not only about addressing big questions, but also a wonderful opportunity to connect with one another and get rejuvenated and reaffirmed in our commitment to the work we are doing. This

SOIL team members on retreat

workshop was a rare and welcome opportunity to bring SOIL leadership together under one roof. The team was incredibly excited to have time to work “tèt ansanm” (or “heads together”), as they say in Haiti, especially after such a challenging year.

We were also fortunate to have the support of some long-time friends and SOIL collaborators to help facilitate and participate in our workshop including Edwidge Petit, DINEPA’s Director of Sanitation, who provided invaluable insight into national goals and objectives for sanitation, SOIL Board member Johnny Celestin, who helped facilitate and provoke thoughtful discussions on strategy and long term goals, and Tacy Riehm, consultant and Haiti advocate, who shines as a facilitator and ensures that our workshops are productive and engaging.

SOIL’s Romel Toussaint, Senior Operations Manager

To frame the workshop, SOIL management teams reviewed progress towards existing objectives, analyzed current challenges and the roadblocks they envision encountering, and outlined strategic opportunities for the coming years. The overarching goal of the workshops were to help guide the following questions: what is the long-term vision for SOIL’s work and impact? And what work do we need to do in the coming years to ensure we reach our goal?

The workshop was a great success in allowing staff to construct a shared vision of the challenges we face in scaling up our service in the next few years, and we look forward to continuing to share updates as we put the key takeaways and lessons learned into action.

Photo 1) SOIL’s Executive Director, Sasha Kramer, with Director of DINEPA, Edwige Petit; Photo 2) SOIL Board Member, Johnny Celestin; Photo 3) SOIL’s EkoLakay collections team meeting

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