February 2014 Newsletter: Donations to SOIL Matched

Dear Friends,

SOIL is currently treating over 20,000 gallons of waste per month, transforming it into rich, organic compost critical for rebuilding Haiti’s soil. But we want to do more! We dream of doubling the capacity of our EcoSan waste treatment sites in order to increase access to critical safe sanitation services in Haiti and to produce thousands of gallons more compost every year to help grow more food and plant more trees in Haiti.

Can you help us? Today starting at 9 am EST, all donations to SOIL’s new organic compost project on Global Giving will be matched by 30%! The project that receives the most donations from the largest number of unique donors will win additional prizes. Global Giving only has $75,000 of matching funds, so don’t delay in getting your SOIL compost contribution in!

With love from Haiti,

February Updates

140204 Mon Erinold Nat CAP labNew and Improved SOIL Lab
The lab in the new SOIL office in northern Haiti is now open! SOIL tests samples of all completed compost to ensure that it’s ready for agricultural use. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this effort! It is a big move in the right direction for spreading ecological sanitation solutions in Haiti.
110322 Kolera SOIL EcoSan Workshop Scheduled for February 20th
Registrations are now being accepted for the next SOIL EcoSan Workshop on February 20th. This full day workshop will be in Haitian Creole and will take place in Port-au-Prince. Register early to save your spot, or email SOIL to get added to the waitlist for the next workshop.
140123 OrgFom RedCross JeanA DanielGoats, Blindfolds, and Bandits
Thanks to some humorous SOIL acting talent and the use of creative props, SOIL’s recent training for the Red Cross was a huge hit. This training was the first in a series of new SOIL workshops for the World Wildlife Fund and Red Cross, each of which focus on ecological sanitation within the context of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.
EcoSan Workshop on the Island of La Gonave
SOIL staff recently traveled to La Gonave, a small island off the coast of Port-au-Prince, in support of an EcoSan toilet project started by Concern. We’re excited to see the impact that a little education and outreach will have on the future success of these toilets.
130723 walking with Sash in ShadaSOIL 2013 Annual Report
If you haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, we recommend taking a few minutes to read over the 2013 SOIL Annual Report. A lot has happened at SOIL this past fiscal year, and we couldn’t have done it without your support!
131221 SREDD Chou InternDonations to SOIL Matched
Starting at 9 am EST today – Wednesday, February 12th – all donations to SOIL’s organic composting project on Global Giving will be matched. Help us increase SOIL’s compost production capacity in Haiti!

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