Give a Unique SOIL Gift

When you make a donation that helps families in Haiti access safe, dignified, ecological sanitation services and improve their livelihoods, you can also honor your loved ones with beautiful gift cards from SOIL.

How SOIL Gifts work:

1. Choose your gift(s)

With SOIL’s array of unique gifts, there’s something for everyone on your list!

2. Notify your lucky recipients

We’ll email your recipients full-color cards of the gift you’ve made in their name with a personal message from you. Alternately, we can send the card to you so that you can personalize it and even mail a hard copy!

3. Help families in Haiti improve their health and environment

Your donation helps provide critical support to improving public health and economic opportunity for Haitians, and will be used where most needed to have maximum impact.

Gift Options

  • Toilet Paper: $20

    SOIL’s public toilets provide free, dignified access to sanitation services in impoverished urban communities. Your gift helps this program.

  • Give 50 Pounds of Compost: $35

    SOIL’s sanitation programs safely transform waste into organic compost. Your donation will help generate 50 pounds of rich SOIL compost.

  • Build two Household Toilets: $60

    One day, every family in Haiti will have access to safe, dignified sanitation. Your gift helps SOIL provide sanitation access to two families in Haiti.

  • 100 Pounds of Compost: $75

    One of the most pressing challenges facing Haiti today is environmental degradation. Your donation will help generate 100 pounds of SOIL compost.

  • Support the SOIL Poopmobile: $100

    The SOIL Poopmobile safely transports waste from our toilets to a composting facility. Support SOIL’s sanitation service by sponsoring the Poopmobile!

  • Give a Donation of Any Size: Amount of your Choosing

    We also welcome you to give a gift of any size and you can send your recipient a card notifying them a gift was made to SOIL in their honor.

Order your Gift

Please complete the information below for all gifts you’d like to give at this time. After completing your donation, you’ll be directed to a separate form to complete gift information for each recipient. You can send your gift card by email directly to your recipient, or email it to yourself in order to print it out for them yourself.

Fill out my online form.

*All SOIL gift card donations go directly to supporting SOIL’s programs in Haiti. Every dollar donated will be used on the ground to fund SOIL’s activities such as purchasing toilet paper, building household toilets, treating and transforming human wastes into rich, organic compost, keeping the SOIL Poopmobile running, and much more. Please reach out to if you have any questions about your donation.