Get to Know Our B Corporation Partner: World Centric

Despite the ongoing challenges of working in a fragile state, SOIL is making significant strides in providing dignified and affordable sanitation in Haiti, but our work would not be possible without the support of our incredibly generous partners. In 2016, SOIL began partnering with World Centric, an eco-conscious B Corporation that provides compostable packaging to the food service industry. This charitable partnership supports SOIL’s life changing sanitation work in Haiti – and, we’re big fans of their sustainability model, engaged employees and spirit of volunteerism too!!

Compost infrastructure funded by World Centric

World Centric was founded in 2004 as a nonprofit organization to elevate awareness of global sustainability issues. The company focuses on three main sustainability issues: alleviating extreme poverty, reducing waste, and rethinking business as usual. Through its generous donations to grassroots social and environmental projects around the world, its compostable foodservice products, and sustainable supply chain operations, World Centric is proving that business models that cater to people and the planet are not only successful, but also necessary in order to build a more sustainable global society.

EkoLakay toilets built with the support of World Centric

World Centric has been a critical partner in supporting SOIL’s EkoLakay social enterprise for the past 5 years by funding toilet construction for the communities we serve and composting bins for our transformative waste treatment facility. In addition to funding projects, World Centric is an important advocate for the sanitation crisis and other causes – raising awareness for global efforts to improve livelihood opportunities, education, health and more sustainable services for the world’s most vulnerable populations. Throughout the month of August, World Centric is focusing its social media content on Haiti, highlighting both its past and present, while advocating for solidarity and support. We are honored to be one of World Centric’s partners and will continue to expand awareness of the global sanitation crisis and educate consumers about the power of small changes together.

Together we’re working to provide access to regenerative sanitation in Haiti and create a more sustainable global society that prioritizes the wellbeing of people and the planet. We are grateful to work with such an impactful organization that is using its business as a force for good. The SOIL team would like to thank World Centric for its commitment to sustainability, equity, and sanitation. Learn more about World Centric here.


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