Green America: Tackling Soil, Sanitation, and Beyond in Haiti

For a recently published feature about SOIL’s lifesaving sanitation service, Kevin Fitzpatrick of Green America interviewed SOIL Executive Director and Co-Founder Dr. Sasha Kramer about what led her to co-found SOIL, the connection between sanitation and agriculture, and the innovation behind SOIL’s revolutionary composting waste treatment facility.

SOIL’s solution “addresses a wide range of basic human rights issues such as access to food, access to sanitation, and living in a clean environment.” And, as Dr. Kramer shared with Kevin, “sanitation and food are inextricably connected, both in the sense that you wouldn’t poop if you didn’t eat, and eventually if we don’t capture the nutrients in that poop, we’re not going to be able to eat anymore.”

Thanks to SOIL’s full-cycle sanitation and waste treatment services in Haiti, over 40 metric tons of waste that could have otherwise polluted water sources are safely treated and transformed into agricultural-grade compost each month!

If you’d like to read more about the intersection between climate and sanitation or dig into SOIL’s history, check out the full article here.

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