Growing 250,000 Trees

Though there’s ongoing debate about the extent and proximate cause of the challenge, what is clear is that Haiti’s mountainsides are deforested to dangerous levels and the country’s farmers struggle to produce enough to feed its people, in part due to depleted soils. As a result, most of Haiti relies on expensive imported foods, a factor which contributes to a cycle of poverty for both the country’s farmers and its people. 

This drives us at SOIL. And it’s why we work tirelessly to treat and transform waste into high-quality organic fertilizer, branded locally as Konpòs Lakay. Our compost is loaded with all of the nutrients needed for healthy plant development, and it’s also rich in organic matter that allows it to simultaneously rebuild topsoil and fight erosion. Researchers have shown that SOIL’s compost increases the capacity of soils to hold water, too, meaning that heavy rainfall is absorbed more quickly and that soils are more resilient to periods of drought.

The more compost we sell, the more impact we have on rebuilding soil health, increasing agricultural productivity, and growing resilience to the impacts of climate change. And, we’re excited to share that our most recent compost sale is a big one! SOIL just sold 39 tons of our organic soil amendment to AVANSE, a USAID-funded agricultural program that works in partnership with local governments in Northern Haiti. They are working on establishing 25 tree nurseries across the region to grow cacao and moringa trees. Thanks to the help of SOIL’s compost, they are hopeful that the 250,000 seedlings that their teams are planting over the coming year will produce healthy and robust yields.

To learn more about research that was conducted last year on the impacts of SOIL’s agricultural-grade compost on moringa tree growth, don’t miss this blog – and be sure to check out the latest research on the adaptive and mitigative impacts that SOIL’s compost is having on soils across the country.

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