Happy Earth Day!

Our mission is rooted in making the planet a better place for all of us. This takes bold, innovative ideas and actions that protect both the people and the planet we inhabit. We hope you join us this Earth Day in supporting SOIL’s work to provide safely-managed sanitation service to support climate-resilient solutions for Haiti, and around the globe.

How does SOIL’s container-based sanitation service protect the planet?

Water conservation

SOIL’s household toilet conserves more than 19,000 gallons of scarce water resources each year relative to a flush toilet.

Water protection

SOIL captures and safely treats over 400 metric tons of waste annually that would have otherwise gone on to contaminate vulnerable aquatic ecosystems and groundwater sources.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

SOIL’s sanitation system results in the mitigation of 126 kg per capita per year in CO2 equivalents (that’s nearly 800 kg per household per year in CO2 mitigation potential).

Soil Health

SOIL produces over 100 metric tons of compost. Capturing nutrients from human waste recycles and returns nutrients to the soil to restore ecosystems and improve agricultural livelihoods in northern Haiti.

Land restoration

Compost application in particularly damaged landscapes significantly helps to improve the absorptive capacity of topsoil, reducing the risk of flash floods and mudslides, and improve soil water retention to help farmers face increasingly frequent drought events.

Climate Adaptive

SOIL’s toilets are also designed to be resilient to natural disasters and are the only sanitation technology used in urban Haiti which does not result in environmental contamination during flooding.  

When you donate to support SOIL’s work in Haiti, you are making a critical investment in the planet for all of us. Creating equitable access to basic services benefits both people and planet, and we are so grateful for your generous support and advocacy.  

Support SOIL

SOIL depends on individual donations from people like you to fund our lifesaving, earth-restoring sanitation services in Haiti. Please consider supporting SOIL today.

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