How We’re Different

SOIL operates in a country where too many organizations have struggled to deliver on their goals, and too many billions of dollars have been spent on failed projects. We believe SOIL’s unusual success is the result of our commitments to:

  • Cultural Fluency: Over 90% of our staff members are Haitian. All of our staff speak the local language (Haitian Creole) to facilitate communication and understanding with the communities where we operate. Visit our Who We Are: Staff page to meet our incredible team!
  • Local Sourcing: We purchase supplies locally and contract with local businesses whenever possible, keeping our costs down while supporting the long-term expansion of Haiti’s economy. Learn how SOIL works with local contractors for our toilet construction.
  • Inclusivity: Beneficiaries are consulted at every step of project design and implementation, ensuring that our programs are community-driven and responding to real, not simply perceived, needs. For example, check out this story on how our community partners helped us hold a toilet raffle!
  • Innovation: Our projects are designed with identified income streams, and we focus on solutions that can become financially self-supporting. Read more about SOIL’s innovative social business approach.
  • Expertise: We value knowledge gained through both formal training and life experience; because our dedicated employees live and work in the communities SOIL serves, they are truly experts in local solutions for sanitation, agriculture, business development, and community organizing.  For example, meet Jimmy Louis, a former tent-camp resident and SOIL volunteer, who now serves as Port-au-Prince’s Sanitation Coordinator.


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SOIL is at the forefront of an effort to revolutionize access to safe sanitation and environmentally-sound farming practices through developing social business models around the use of ecological sanitation.
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    + 6,500 people accessing toilets through SOIL’s growing urban sanitation service
    + 510 tons of waste transformed into agricultural grade compost last year, nurturing plant growth and resilience to climate change
    + More than 1,000 people benefiting from SOIL’s educational programs and resources each year

Financial Stewardship

We are dedicated to financial efficiency, local sourcing, and transparency in all that we do. Over 93% of every dollar contributed goes directly to our sanitation and environmental programs in Haiti.
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