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Local Port-au-Prince summer camp, ABC Haiti, visits SOIL’s waste treatment center, Trutier.

While some organizations struggle to stay true to their principles in spite of success, we realize that SOIL’s has had a significant impact precisely because of our values.

Our philosophy of Liberation Ecology is the Why? behind SOIL’s work; the organizational values below are the How? They govern the way we operate, ensuring that, from the smallest day-to-day decisions to our overall strategic goals, we are working towards meaningful, lasting change in Haiti. They are:

Cultural fluency
71 of our 79 employees are Haitian, and all of our staff speak the local language (Haitian Creole) to facilitate communication and understanding with the communities where we operate. Visit our Who We Are: Staff page to meet our incredible team!

Local sourcing
We purchase supplies locally and contract with local businesses whenever possible, keeping our costs down while supporting the long-term expansion of Haiti’s economy. Learn how SOIL works with local contractors for our toilet construction.

Beneficiaries are consulted at every step of project design and implementation, insuring that our programs are community-driven and responding to real, not simply perceived, needs. Check out this story on how our community partners helped us hold a toilet raffle!

Our projects are designed with identified income streams, and we focus on solutions that can become financially self-supporting. Learn more about how SOIL generates revenue with our household toilet project, mobile toilet rentals, and compost sales.

We value knowledge gained through both formal training and life experience; because our dedicated employees live and work in the communities SOIL serves, they are truly experts in local solutions for sanitation, agriculture, business development, and community organizing.  Meet Jimmy, a former tent-camp resident and SOIL volunteer, who now serves as Port-au-Prince’s Sanitation Coordinator.

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