Humanitarian Sanitation

Even as we work to develop and expand our EkoLakay social business service so that it can deliver a financially-sustainable long-term sanitation solution for urban households, we hold on to a vision of a world where access to sanitation is available for everybody. Thanks to generous support of donors around the world, SOIL continues to provide public access to free and safe ecological sanitation in the community where SOIL got its start in 2006. Day after day, the SOIL team opens, cleans, and provides waste collection and treatment services to nine public ecological toilets serving over two thousand people in one of Haiti’s most impoverished urban communities in Cap-Haitien.


SOIL’s public toilets keep critical, safe sanitation services open for some of the most vulnerable people in the country and play a frontline role in fighting childhood waterborne disease.

  • Over 2,700 people access a clean SOIL public toilet.
  • More than 100 tons of waste from these toilets is removed from communities and safely transformed into agricultural-grade compost.
  • SOIL provides two full-time salaried jobs for public toilet managers maintaining the toilets.