Hurricane Matthew Relief in Southern Haiti

First of all, thank you. Thank you to so many of you who reached out to SOIL to make sure that we are ok here in Haiti; to the hundreds who have donated to our relief fundraiser; to our friends and staff here in Haiti who put all hands on deck to organize a trip down to the south to bring much needed supplies and support to those who have lost loved ones, homes, livelihoods. Your outpouring of love and support has been truly touching.

We are relieved that all of our staff are all safe, but many have family in the south whose homes were destroyed. At this point, nearly 900 people are confirmed to have died during Hurricane Matthew in southern Haiti, and our hearts go out the all of the families who are mourning this tremendous loss of life. Towns like Jeremie and Les Cayes suffered devastating destruction, and the full extent of damages is not yet known.

SOIL is not a relief organization, but we are here in Haiti and feel the need to offer whatever support we can to the victims of this devastating hurricane. And because of all of you, we have already raised over $25,000 to do so. 100% of these funds will go toward purchasing emergency relief supplies in Haiti and transporting them to the south, to be distributed through trusted local officials. We are firmly committed to supporting Haitian led and organized relief efforts, as we believe this is the best way and fastest way to get help to those who need it without damaging the Haitian economy in the long term. Thank you to all who have reached out in solidarity and support of this goal.
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On Saturday, October 8, we gathered bedding, clothes, chlorox, soap and 50 sacks of rice, and transported these supplies to the south along with a delegation of community organizers and nurses from Sopudep. As flood waters descended, the delegation made it across the river in Petit Goave where a bridge had collapsed.

Once arriving in Les Cayes, the SOIL/Sopudep team made camp in Kanperen, a commune just up the mountain from the city, where many came to take refuge from the storm surge. All of the supplies were delivered to the Kasek (local government official) of Kanperen, who orchestrated the distribution.

With our first delegation a success, we look forward to gathering more supplies to send down with local partners. Look out for more updates in the coming days!

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3 Replies to "Hurricane Matthew Relief in Southern Haiti"

  • Bill Cutler
    October 12, 2016 (5:00 pm)

    When you were preparing for the first trip down, one of your emails expressed concern about the roadworthyness of your SOIL truck. Can you give us a report on that, and should a campaign be initiated for a replacement/backup?

    • Leah Page
      October 13, 2016 (12:35 am)

      Dear Bill, Thank you for asking about this! Our truck made it back from the first trip, but we have another larger trip planned for this coming weekend. We’ll try to get an update out early next week, and we’ll definitely include an update on the condition of our vehicles. Our trucks our critical for our sanitation programs in Port-au-Prince, and I really appreciate you checking in on this point. More soon! Leah

  • Joanne Penney
    October 14, 2016 (3:34 pm)

    We’ve supported our friend, a young man named Chouby Larose, for a journey to Les Cayes on Monday to find his family. Their house is destroyed and they need substantial help. Can you tell us who he could contact there, or could someone on the ground ring him with advice? Chouby: 4808 2925

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