Juno7: All About SOIL’s Organic Compost

SOIL’s lush, organic compost, Konpòs Lakay, works to mitigates the impacts of climate change, rebuilds soil health, and helps farmers increase their yields in Haiti. As we produce more and more compost,  we’ve been excited to collaborate with Konsome Lokal, an organization working promote local Haitian products, to reach new markets and customers for the soil amendments. After attending one of their fair’s featuring 100% local Haitian products last month, we sat down with Juno7 to talk all about our compost.

Excerpts from the Interview:

“SOIL works to create social business models that provide sanitation, treat waste, and produce compost. We hope that these social business models can then be replicated and scaled up by the public and private sectors in Haiti.”

“Never forget that entrepreneurs, who are able to put their hearts and minds into what they do, will not only have a dream but they will also have the power to transform the lives of others.”

Read the Full Interview in French Here

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