Konpos Lakay Debut– Christmas Special

This holiday season SOIL has a special treat for plants throughout Haiti.  We have 25,000 lbs. of beautiful compost ready for distribution at a special holiday price of just 75 HTG (less than $2 US) per 5-gallon bag.  We even have given our compost a name “Konpos Lakay” which means “local compost” but sounds much cooler in Kreyol.

This is our first large-scale distribution and the team in Port au Prince has been hard at work all week sifting, bagging and piling up the compost.

The whole team pitches in to bag and seal 100 bags of compost for sale to a local nursery.

We are so proud to see SOIL’s emergency sanitation work come to fruition in the form of beautiful soil!  Since the earthquake in 2010 SOIL has treated over 600,000 gallons of human waste from more than 25,000 people living in 32 camps throughout the city.  Nearly 3 years later many of the people we were serving in camps have moved back into permanent housing and we are now serving approximately 5000 people.  Each week since March 2010, our drum team has driven from camp to camp picking up drums of poop and delivering them to our compost site.  Three times per week the drums are dumped into bins by the compost team and then carefully monitored for at least 9 months.  Ecological sanitation is a technology that requires care and patience and we are delighted to finally see our dreams realized.

If you or someone you know in Haiti loves nature, come to our office in Delmas 33 to buy some compost today and help support the elimination of cholera and rebuilding of Haiti’s soils simultaneously. For those of you who are not here in Haiti, you can still be a part of this.  How about buying some compost online that will be donated locally? You can even get some compost donated in someone’s name, a great Christmas gift for the person who has everything! This special won’t last so get yours now.  It’s the gift all the local plants are asking for!

To place an order or give us a lead on other potential clients please donate directly on SOIL’s website or email [email protected].

We have sold 224 bags so far to several nurseries, a compost reseller and home gardeners from the neighborhood. Help us reach our goal of selling 1200 bags by Christmas….only 976 to go.

Thank you for your support and wishing you all a happy and green holiday season!

With love from Port au Prince, Sasha

To see more photos check out our Flickr feed.

The bags are piling up in the SOIL depot. Get yours while they last!


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  • Junior Mesamours
    December 6, 2012 (5:23 pm)

    Bon travay! Se kalite aktivite sa yo ki ap mete Ayiti sou ray devlopman!

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