Konpòs Lakay is SOIL's compost, a 100% Haitian-made, all-natural fertilizer

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Konpòs Lakay 40-lb SackGade sit web sa an kreyòl.  

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Nutrient Packed

With Nitrogen, Phoshorus, Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium. Plus plenty of Carbon material which helps rebuild topsoil!

Easy to Use!

Konpos Lakay is made of sugarcane bagasse, peanut shells, and human waste. To use, mix 3/4 soil with 1/4 Konpòs Lakay and water well.


SOIL is offering rebate of 25 Haitian Gourdes off each Konpòs Lakay sack you bring back to refill and purchase!

Dirt's Best Friend

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By skipping the chemicals and going natural, Konpòs Lakay does 4x the work:

  • Compost helps soil to retain moisture in dry periods as well as drain properly during rainy periods.
  • Along with nutrients such as N, P, K, compost adds organic matter back into the soil, thus rebuilding topsoil.
  • Planting trees with compost can help them to build sturdy roots that prevent soil erosion.
  • Research from the Marin Carbon Project shows that compost application increases soil's ability to store carbon, which helps to mitigate the harmful effects of climate change.

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SOIL's research has shown that the use of Konpòs Lakay significantly increases yields in the following crops: sorghum, corn, cabbage, carrots, beets, peppers, soy, moringa, and more! With researchers from Stanford University, the University of Hawaii, Université Chrétienne du Nord d'Haïti, Université Polyvalente d'Haïti, Université Episcopale D'Haiti, Université Fondwa, Université Quisqueya, SOIL has conducted experiments relating to Konpòs Lakay's nutrient content and impact on various crops, greenhouse gases, and other environmental factors.

Every batch of Konpòs Lakay is tested throughout the treatment cycle according to national and international laws, regulations, and standards, and is guaranteed to be safe for agricultural use.

SOIL's Ecological Sanitation

The Process

Konpòs Lakay is part of SOIL's Ecological Sanitation cycle. It is made from treated human waste and agricultural byproducts, primarily sugar cane bagasse and peanut shells. Instead of considering these materials as "waste" and allowing them to contaminate the environment, SOIL safely recycles the nutrients so that they can go back into the soil.

Our team of engineers, agronomists, laboratory technicians, and researchers carefully monitor the treatment process, which takes 7-9 months, to ensure that every batch of Konpòs Lakay is of the highest possible quality.


Q & A

Have a question? Feel free to contact SOIL at [email protected].

  • Is Konpòs Lakay safe to use to grow food?

    Yes. Every batch of Konpòs Lakay has been produced according to World Health Organization standards and is tested in the SOIL laboratory before being bagged for sale. Ensuring the safe recycling of nutrients is SOIL's guarantee.

  • Does SOIL offer delivery?

    It depends on the location and the availability of vehicles. You can request delivery and SOIL will let you know whether a delivery is possible at an additional cost.

  • What is the nutrient content of Konpòs Lakay?

    Nitrogen (N) >2.7%, Phosphorus (P) >1.4%, Potassium (K) >0.7%, Calcium (Ca) >2.5%, Magnesium (Mg) >0.8%, Carbon (C) >27%, pH 6.7 -7.2, Humidity >30%, C:N Ratio <11:1, Natural Organic Matter (NOM) >50%, Inactive Material <1.5%

  • What is the volume of a 40-lb bag?

    A 40-lb bag is around 10 gallons.

  • Does SOIL make a profit from the sale of Konpòs Lakay?

    No. SOIL heavily subsidizes the treatment process that produces Konpòs Lakay. SOIL receives funding through private foundations and individual donations in order to provide this subsidy. Revenue from Konpòs Lakay plays an important role in cutting down costs so that SOIL can continue to provide its lifesaving sanitation services.

  • Where is SOIL's office located?

    SOIL's main office is in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. +509 2260 2888, Route Nationale # 3, near Distileri Larue S.A., Quartier Morin

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