Lessons on Restoring Depleted Soil from Haiti

Photo: Vic Hinterlang

Too often, the story of Haiti begins and ends with the problems facing the country. However, there are stories, largely untold, about the work being done to address Haiti’s interconnected issues and create lasting change. SOIL’s Executive Director Sasha Kramer shared one of these stories in a guest authored piece for RSF Social Finance’s Quarterly Publication last month.

From the Article: 

“SOIL is tackling Haiti’s sanitation and soil fertility crises by pioneering an innovative and earth-replenishing technology that is spreading across the world. Ecological sanitation (EcoSan) solutions capture nutrients that are so often lost with the flush of a toilet, while simultaneously meeting basic sanitation needs in underserved communities.”

“To date, we have just over 1,000 families using our EcoSan toilet. Imagine what we’ll achieve when we expand our sanitation solution to many more households throughout the country! SOIL’s vision is to demonstrate an affordable, dignified household sanitation solution that can, on a global scale, transform a public health hazard—untreated human waste— into a sustainable solution for soil restoration.

For over 10 years, Haiti’s EcoSan solutions have helped mitigate environmental degradation and increased resiliency in a nation poor in resources and vulnerable to climate change. In the process, Haiti has demonstrated to the world that there’s a sustainable way to increase access to sanitation while replenishing the earth’s soil.”

Read the full article by following this link and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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