Letters to SOIL: EcoSan Around the Globe

[box type=”shadow”]SOIL Letters is a blog series featuring some of the beautiful letters we’ve received over the years in support of the work we’re doing in Haiti.[/box]

Here at SOIL, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and resources, because we know that when more people are empowered through education, we can accelerate change and achieve our vision of safe, dignified, sustainable sanitation that is accessible to all Haitians – and all those living in impoverished communities around the world. The SOIL Guide to Ecological Sanitation was created in response to countless requests from individuals and organizations interested in starting ecological sanitation (EcoSan) projects across the globe. Our work at SOIL is on ongoing learning process, and we love being able to share the knowledge that we’ve gleaned from seven years of hard work, research, and collaboration with the global community.

Since its publication in February 2011, the Guide has been downloaded by over 1,000 people in more than 50 countries around the world. Here are just a few of the projects around the world that are learning from SOIL!

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