May 2012 Newsletter: South Africa, Haiti, Sanitation and Friends

Dear friends of SOIL,

I am writing to you from South Africa where I have been exchanging ideas with Durban’s municipal authority who are currently operating the world’s largest ecological sanitation project. I have learned so much from this exchange and am so grateful to all of the organizations, individuals and government representatives who have warmly received us. I have also been deeply inspired by the realization that, though there are many laudable projects happening throughout the world, SOIL’s work remains at the cutting edge of the field. Our emergency sanitation projects uniquely provide a safe and ecological option to displaced communities, those most often subjected to poor quality sanitation interventions, and our outreach efforts continue to inform numerous other emergency and development projects. The work of the SOIL team and our community partners in Haiti is exemplary and transformative and we hope that the lessons learned can have a global reach.

In reflecting on the impact of SOIL’s work, I have also been moved to reflect on the role of our community of supporters. If SOIL has been able to make an impact as a small, locally-based organization, it is thanks to the many individuals who have supported us over the years. From those of you who have taken the time to make a monetary contribution (no matter that size) to those who have contributed time, advice and prayers, all of you have made a tremendous difference.

We have noticed that in the past year our individual contributions have dropped off considerably. Perhaps it is reflective of the difficult times that people are facing or perhaps the positive tone of our messages has made it seem that we are no longer in need of your support. This little note is just a reminder to you, our family of supporters, that you make a difference. Please consider renewing your support to SOIL by signing up to make a small monthly contribution. For the cost of several cups of coffee you can, not only support SOIL’s ongoing work financially, but also give us the intangible gift of knowing that you are with us in the struggle to ensure that everyone has access to safe and dignified sanitation.

With love from South Africa,


Please sign up to make a recurring donation on the 12th of each month and join us in taking a stand that we can build back better. Check donations can be mailed to SOIL at 124 Church Road, Sherburne, NY 13460.

Other ways to help:

National Geographic’s Take Action website is featuring SOIL. You can donate directly to our next projects – Building a Waste Treatment Facility for Cap-Haitien and Growing More Local Food – with no service fee. 100% of your donations will be directed towards high impact iniatives to improve public health and livelihoods in Haiti.

SOIL is a frontrunner in a contest to support innovations in public health. Please take a minute to watch a short video on SOIL’s plans and register your vote for household sanitation across Haiti.

Join us at the first National Sustainable Sanitation Conference in Port-au-Prince, June 12-13th.

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