Meet Nazulia and Georgette

At SOIL, we strive to keep women’s voices at the forefront of our work. Historically, SOIL’s leadership has skewed heavily female, and we continue to work hard to ensure that women are represented throughout our entire organization, too. We want to introduce you to two of the women who work hard every day to help keep SOIL’s composting waste treatment operations running smoothly in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

Nazulia and Georgette both feel strongly that there isn’t a job in the world that a woman couldn’t do. So long as someone is able to work, they believe gender should not be a professional barrier. We agree, and are committed to working alongside Nazulia and Georgette to continue dismantling counterproductive stereotypes and sexist narratives that persist today and deter women from accessing certain professional roles. Both Nazulia and Georgette report feeling comfortable and respected in their work on SOIL’s composting team and shared that they were accepted fully as equal members of the team from the beginning. They perform all the same tasks as their male teammates, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nazulia and Georgette turning compost at our waste treatment and transformation facility in Northern Haiti

According to Nazulia, “Lontan li pat konsa men kounye a fanm yo ka fe tout sa gason yo fe: travay, kondwi machin, elatriye…” / “For a long time it wasn’t so, but now women can do everything men can do: work, drive, etc.” The SOIL team is determined to play our part in dismantling the sexist structures that have prevented women from entering into and persisting in often male-dominated fields. Many components of our sanitation operation represent those types of roles, and we are laser-focused on supporting women entering into this field.

The women at SOIL are passionate about increasing access to holistic sanitation because we know how much access to sanitation improves other women’s lives, and this incredibly personal connection to the work often makes women some of the most passionate advocates for household sanitation.

With a private household toilet, women and girls are safer, especially at night. If women don’t have to venture outside of the home to relieve themselves, their chance of being shamed, harassed, or even attacked decreases. When girls have hygienic bathrooms, they are more likely to go to school while menstruating. And when women don’t have to spend time finding a place for them and their children to go, they have more time overall, and their family is healthier and happier as a result.

Thank you to Nazulia and Georgette for their tireless contributions to this work!

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