Meet SOIL: Frantz Jean-Louis

Frantz (left) working with SOIL’s EkoLakay in Cap-Haïtien, 2015. Photo by Vic Hinterlang.

The SOIL team is a group of nearly 70 driven people from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise ranging from engineering and ecology to accounting and sales. This past month, we took a moment to sit down with our colleague Frantz Jean-Louis in Cap-Haïtien to talk about what inspires him in his work.

Photo by Vic Hinterlang

“I was drawn to the mission of SOIL,” Frantz shared. After hearing a presentation about our work in college, Frantz quickly applied to join SOIL as an intern. In the five years that have followed, Frantz has been instrumental to SOIL’s success as he worked his way up through the organization. After joining SOIL as a full-time staff person following his internship, Frantz has been promoted to an EkoLakay payment collector, then to a bookkeeper, and finally to where he is today: responsible for keeping SOIL’s lifesaving sanitation services rolling as our Director of Administration and Finance.

“SOIL eliminates diseases and provides health and security – I’m proud of that,” Frantz added. Frantz has accomplished many things worthy of pride both in and out of the workplace over the past few years. He shared with us that since he first sat in that classroom to learn about SOIL, Frantz’s hard work has helped him purchase a motorbike, buy a piece of land, and build a home for his soon-to-be family of three.

“What do I hope?” Frantz began as our conversation shifted towards the future. “I hope that the things that are now luxuries in Haiti like electricity, water, food, and toilets, will be accessible for everyone.” The SOIL team is filled with people like Frantz who are motivated to help ensure that everybody has access to critically-needed sanitation services that reduce the spread of disease and help restore Haiti’s environment. None of this effort would be possible without the commitment of supporters like you and the dedication of hardworking team members.

Thank you, Frantz!

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