Meet SOIL’s New Senior Sales Manager Viviane

Viviane (third from the right) alongside other SOIL staff at our TiLari office in January during her first official monthly meeting with the team

Following a decade plus of experience in sales and marketing, Viviane Thomas was in the midst of a short break from running her own business due to the political instability in Haiti when she decided to apply for a Senior Sales Manager position with SOIL. Outside of the role being in the realm of her career goals, Viviane shared that she was driven to take the leap for a chance to have a new work experience with a different kind of non-profit organization and to gain knowledge in the environmental sector.  

Viviane is from Jeremie, Haiti, but grew up and attended university in Port-au-Prince. Although she works in sales and marketing now, her degree is actually in law! During the first few weeks in her new role as Senior Sales Manager, Viviane has spent her time getting to know SOIL’s waste treatment process and getting to know current customers, whether they be families on SOIL’s regenerative sanitation service or farmers using our compost. When asked what her primary goal will be in her new position as Senior Sales Manager she said, “One objective that I have is to expand SOIL so that more customers can use the product and service that SOIL offers.”  

She also has big plans on how she will help SOIL reach more families as we undertake ambitious plans to scale service through Cap-Haïtien in the coming years. “I will enhance the relationship that we have with the clients,” she said. How? “I will educate them on the value of the sanitation service, help them to become an agent for the protection of the environment, and [invest in improved] satisfaction.” She also believes it’s important to help educate the community that compost is the best option for agriculture. “It’s a Haitian product with the right nutrients for the soil,” she said. Without having any of the negative impacts that synthetic fertilizers have on the land, SOIL’s compost also restores soil health for many years after first application, Viviane explains.  

“[SOIL’s] impact is important because it is related to health, life and the environment [in each neighborhood], but also in the surrounding regions… It is important for SOIL to demonstrate this impact, and make sure that people understand the importance of the work!”  

Before finding her way to SOIL, Viviane trained, hired and managed employees at Digicel, the country’s largest telecommunications company. She also over saw employees and evaluation strategies for Brana, a local brewery and beverage production company, as a corporation manager.  

We’re so lucky to have Viviane as a part of the SOIL team as she guides our Marketing department and look forward to all of the new ideas and tactics she will implement in our strategy to expand access to life-saving sanitation. We’ll share stories about what the Marketing Team has up their sleeves in future blogs, but in the meantime, please take a moment and send a friendly SOIL welcome to Viviane!

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