National Geographic: Explorers in the Field visits SOIL

photo credit: National Geographic Education

“What if your faucet had no clean water coming out of it and no way for human waste to get out?” As many classrooms move online, National Geographic brings the reality of the global sanitation crisis to screens around the world. And, they do it by bringing viewers to Haiti where they meet with SOIL’s Sasha Kramer to learn about the historical context for Haiti’s lack of sanitation infrastructure, what it means for public health and the environment, and how SOIL’s practical, climate-positive solution is responding to the challenge.

The SOIL team is truly excited to share our most recent spotlight from National Geographic’s Explorers in the Field video series. As our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide essential sanitation services, even under the most challenging circumstances – we feel honored to have our work recognized and shared as a tool to support global learning and transformative change.

Sustainable Solutions: SOIL in Haiti

For this feature, National Geographic spoke with our own Dr. Sasha Kramer on how SOIL’s sanitation solution is working to address one of the most pressing problems in under-resourced and climate-vulnerable urban communities. The Explorer in the Field video examines what it means for a country to have just 1% of its waste safely treated and how SOIL is making an impact on both health and the environment by using ecological sanitation to turn human waste into compost and safe compost. You can check out the feature video below:

About National Geographic and Explorers in the Field

The Explorers in the Field series is part of National Geographic’s larger educational program, Explorer Classroom, which spotlights the work of SOIL and other innovators, in order to take students on thought-provoking journeys, engaging them with entertaining stories and rich photography that investigate the science, geography, and history behind the important phenomena, discoveries, and ideas of our time.

SOIL is thrilled to be a part of this special series, particularly because we understand the importance of educating future generations on taking innovative, community-driven approaches to both local and global issues. We hope you enjoy watching it and will share it with your friends and family! You can learn more about SOIL’s work in regenerative sanitation work in Haiti here.

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