Nature Commode: Why Ecological Sanitation Is An Important Market Development Opportunity

SOIL friend and recent visitor Tucker Cahill Chambers wrote an article for “Nature ComNature Commodemode” in which he explores the possibility that Ecological Sanitation represents a valuable market solution for sanitation businesses worldwide. Because EcoSan solutions like SOIL’s are holistic, tackling multiple issues simultaneously and leveraging full cycle solutions, these solutions are also, at heart, incredibly efficient, making them attractive from a business perspective in addition to humanitarian and environmental perspectives.

Tucker writes “Ecological sanitation, on the most basic level, is the provision of access to sanitation services, principally toilets, that facilitate clean living and mitigate environmental damage. But the term implies more than that, for ecology not only describes the interrelationships of the natural world at large but also our relationships to one another as individuals and communities. In this sense, ecological sanitation has a more global reach and carries it with it the ideas of dignity and mutual respect. Dignity in that all people ought to enjoy the comfort, as well as the opportunity, provided by reliable access not only to a bathroom but also a clean and healthful environment. Mutual respect in recognizing that our most fundamental choices—what we eat, how we travel, how we dispose of and treat our waste—affect other people and places. This provides a framework through which we can analyze our lifestyles—how do they contribute to or corrode our dignity and that of our fellow humans, and how do they affect our world and all the things in it? It is in this light that I would like to share some insight and ideas regarding ecological sanitation as a business in the western United States.”

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