New York Times: Growing Interest in SOIL’s Sanitation Solution

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“With water shortages around the world, there’s growing interest in [SOIL’s] approach,” writes Nicholas Kristof today’s column for the New York Times. Writing from the World Economic Forum’s Conference in Davos, he explains that social entrepreneurs like SOIL offer an “inspiring window into what can be accomplished” in our world.

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“Sasha Kramer works in Haiti to address two fundamental problems: a lack of toilets and declining soil fertility. Her organization, SOIL, charges customers a few dollars a month to provide and service composting toilets that turn human waste into safe agricultural fertilizer. The cost is one-third of what a sewage system would cost to operate.”

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1 Reply to "New York Times: Growing Interest in SOIL's Sanitation Solution"

  • BB Banks
    January 27, 2018 (12:14 am)

    In the U.S. we need to elect a progressive Congress, through groups like, ‘Brand New and ‘Justice’ servants of the people who will enact solutions to climate change. We need an overhaul of the building codes across America, which requires new construction to install compostable toilets. What SOIL is doing is fundamental to the solutions of climate change and we need to enact their solutions here in the U.S.

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