Nonprofit HR’s Top Ten Women to Watch in 2020: SOIL’s Dr. Sasha Kramer

Sasha Kramer alongside SOIL’s team and supporters in Port-au-Prince, 2016

Every year, Nonprofit HR releases a list of women leading mission-driven organizations and community efforts who demonstrate a “commitment to boldly evoke change in their own way.” This year, we are excited to share that SOIL’s Co-Founder and Executive Director Dr. Sasha Kramer has been honored alongside nine other inspiring leaders!

Since 2006, Sasha has worked relentlessly to nurture SOIL’s efforts to transform hazardous waste into restorative environmental solutions alongside communities in Haiti. Our team extends our heartfelt congratulations to SOIL’s guiding force as well as to the nine other visionary honorees for the well-deserved recognition of their important work. See the full list of inspirational women here.

From Nonprofit HR:

The catastrophic earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, laid bare many of the socioeconomic issues of the island nation. But, Dr. Sasha Kramer was tuned in to the island’s under-resourced communities well before the earthquake hit. In 2006, and along with Sarah Brownell, Sasha Kramer co-founded Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) and built the first composting toilet in Haiti’s northern town of Milot.

SOIL solves Haiti’s human rights and ecological issues in a way that confirms the inherent connection between the two. Ecological sanitation, or EcoSan, converts human waste into compost which provides a two-fold solution. SOIL’s EcoSan process provides sanitation to Haitians that lack access to toilets while harvesting a supply of compost that can be used for agriculture and reforestation.

SOIL has provided employment opportunities (90% of its staff is Haitian), toilet access to more than 6,500 Haitians, and transformed more than 510 tons of waste into agricultural grade compost last year.

An ecologist and human rights activist, Sasha takes a holistic and compound approach to solving issues plaguing our earth and people. She has been recognized as a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, an Architect of the Future with the Waldzell Leadership Institute, a Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year and an Ashoka Fellow. We look forward to seeing how Sasha continues to harvest ecological principles to address human rights issues and craft solutions that benefit the planet and its inhabitants.

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