November 2013 Newsletter: Harvest Time!

Dear Friends,

The harvest is always an exciting time, when months of hard work and attentive care finally pay off.  This month we’re excited to share with you just a few of the ways that we’ve recently seen SOIL’s work bear fruit.

With love from Haiti,


hot peppers 

Food Security in Haiti

These gorgeous “piman pike” (hot peppers) were harvested from our experimental farm on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince this month. These peppers are not only delicious, they provide us with valuable data too! Our hard-working agronomy team conducts experiments to test the efficacy of SOIL’s EcoSan compost and other low-cost sustainable farming techniques to improve food security in Haiti. Read more.

 women carpenters

Women Entrepreneurs and Business Innovation

SOIL continues to reduce the costs of household sanitation services in Haiti by supporting community-led innovation. Read more about SOIL’s latest efforts to inspire cost-saving design improvements and support women carpenter collectives.

soil wins

SOIL Supporters for the Win

Last month, we shared with you that SOIL had been named a top 10 finalist in a Nature Conservancy / Rare Conservation contest recognizing promising efforts to help vulnerable communities reduce environmental risk and adapt to climate change. And thanks to your votes, SOIL Agricultural Director Jean-Marie Noel, proudly accepted the People’s Choice Award at the recent award ceremony in Washington, D.C., bringing home $20,000 to support sanitation, agriculture, and reforestation in Haiti. Read more.

handwashing demo

World Handwashing Day – A Two Week Celebration!

After months of planning, SOIL couldn’t confine their World Handwashing Day celebration to just October 15th – so we celebrated for two whole weeks!  We reached over 1,000 kids in 12 different schools with the message that washing their hands with soap and water can save lives. Read more.

131031 dumping veggies

Our Compost Piles Are Growing!

This month we also started testing out a harvest of a very different sort: gathering leftover scraps from the vegetable market! We’re proud that Port-au-Prince is going to lead the way in large-scale municipal composting.. in more ways then one! Read more.


Looking Ahead:

  • Want to get an early start on holiday gift giving? Check out SOIL’s gift catalog for unique one-of-a-kind gifts with the power to change lives.
  • Stay tuned next week for details on SOIL’s celebration of World Toilet Day, November 19th.  Keep an eye on the action at #CelebratetheToilet on Twitter.
  • Last week a small team from SOIL headed off to the Permaculture Design Course at the 2013 International Permaculture Congress in Cuba. Expect photos and updates soon!

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